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The guy in the church…. 40-50 feet away headshot on a moving target. I don’t think many people can comprehend how difficult of a shot that was.

In the 🐷’s defense, their primary occupation is generating revenue. Defending the population isn’t really their forte.

Admittedly, i haven’t looked in a while but I never saw a post incident breakdown of the UPS truck ordeal.

I don’t see how people can look at active shooter situations and their first Instinct is

“Damn bro we need to give the state more people and confiscate weapons”

You are on your own

And to think there are people who really think the police should be the only ones with guns….meanwhile the police….

is the bottom the one where the cops killed the dude who had just stoped the shooter or was another “opsie poopsie” by the boys in blue?

edit:nvm, was other case

In Pennsylvania, one is required to test every five years for what is called PA Act 235 (certification as a Lethal Weapons Agent) in order to be able to open carry for work (law enforcement, armed security, money trucks, private investigators to name a few). Nearly half of the police officers fail the test and have to retest until they pass. It’s embarrassing.

A more egregious example would be the 2012 Empire State Building shooting. Some guy shot someone else and then was shot by the police.

In the process of shooting him the NYPD shot nine innocent people.

That’s if cops respond at all. The lawsuit was thrown out against the police after the cowards hid at the Marjory Stoneman school shooting. The lawsuit was thrown out because SCOTUS has ruled the police have no duty to protect citizens.

In Buffalo an ex police officer shot the terrorist but the terrorists armor protected him.

I remember watching the videos for this, so fucking bad.

UPS driver was murdered by incompetent police. Anyone else would get charged with criminally negligent homicide *minimum*. All the ones taking cover behind occupied cars shooting like nuts shouldn’t be able to even be a security guard the rest of their lives.

This shit still Pisses me off. Never forget Frank Ordonez, the ups worker that was taken hostage. The police used civilians as cover while firing over 200 rounds at the truck killing Frank as he tried to escape. RIP Frank. We all miss you my man. Fucking police.

Welp sample sizes of 1 are all we need. Pack it up and leave the argument is clearly over. No need to question why our police are so militaristic because clearly it couldn’t have anything to do with the number guns on the streets.

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