Individualized 5 String Bass

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We develop TTGC tailor made electrical & acoustic guitars applying the finest supplies and parts. Obtaining a custom guitar made for you has a lot of strengths, the noticeable one getting that you pick out the design and style and really feel of your instrument. You have the benefit of obtaining a distinctive instrument developed to your own specs and becoming able to select the supplies and parts you. We make all bodies and necks in our very own workshop so neck profiles and overall body contours can be made the decision and experimented with at diverse stages in the develop. When you have a customized guitar constructed you have the choice of pickups, components and colors. We are experts in building electric guitars with a vintage audio, feel and look. We can age the hardware and the paint can be chipped and cracked to attain an aged and employed look or we can create you a guitar that seems to be like it’s been in a circumstance in the loft for 40 several years. With all of our guitars, we use only the best woods as nicely as top rated quality hand-built pickups and the finest switches, pots and inputs accessible. We specialize in making little bodied acoustic guitars making use of only the greatest elements. Every guitar has a unique seem based on the woods utilized. Each individual guitar is completely hand manufactured, with hand scalloped bracing and the bridges are slice and shaped individually and equipped with bone saddle for a extremely lively sound.

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