Increased – MUFONCase 65255 – Houston, TX – 2:30 a.m., March 30, 2015

Increased – MUFONCase 65255 – Houston, TX – 2:30 a.m., March 30, 2015

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I took the compelling footage from MUFONCase 65255 – shot in Houston, TX – 2:30 a.m., March 30, 2015 and tried to both stabilize it and pull out more detail from the shadows. There appears to be a bit more structure to the UAP than what was visible in the original raw video. What do you think?

Any other thoughts on what this could be?

Original video:

This is a great example of how strange looking video can be misinterpreted. There’s also a really good demonstration of bokeh in there too.

A place having a party on a hill behind trees, you can almost see the hill its placed on.

There’s just not enough info to make any kind of determination. Definitely a UAP, but alien tech is a reach as all we have are some blobby lights int he sky with no real definition of what’s causing them. It’s definitely interesting.

EDIT: Question answered in the thread, so deleted it.

Can we get a daylight Google image of the same spot? Might be nice to know if there were any hills or anything behind the trees, which could cause the scintillation effect. It’s supposedly Houston, Texas, so probably not, but that’s what’s called investigation.

EDIT: I see that has been attempted. Excellent.

It’s strange inasmuch as it’s illuminated, yet doesn’t seem to be projecting light onto anything.

I’m a believer but I’m sorry to say that this appears to be a drone swarm performing a light show in the distance. I recall a documentary/show that had a segment with a drone company in the southwest performing coordinated light shows with drone swarms. This appears to be that but at a distance. I wish I remembered what the show was called so I could post it for you.

Now that was NOT a drone, a balloon or a chinese lantern. What the hell it was…amazing< maybe?

Based on the color of the image and the irregular patterns I believe we are witnessing the byproduct of the electromagnetic propulsion system in use in this vehicle. To me, this looks like a deep field of plasma which has been commonly reported with many UFO sightings.

From what I have researched the byproduct (the plasma) is a result of two things in conjunction with each other. A very high level of energy and a very high frequency rate above 1 MHZ.

Something similar to this:

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