Imagining about producing in the Metaverse? Facebook will consider virtually fifty percent your earnings – Finance

Imagining about building in the Metaverse? Facebook will just take almost 50 percent your income – Finance

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When this entire Metaverse bs fails like second life, we will be there to laugh at the lizard Zuck.

Who’s actually thinking about “creating” for it? As far as I know no one wants this and basically no one has a VR rig.

I know Facebook wouldnt put billions of R&D into the metaverse if they didn’t think it would be successful but who the fuck is actually excited for the meta verse? I’ve literally never met anyone who actually understands it and/or thinks it has utility

The metaverse is just so profoundly uninteresting. Every time I see it mentioned I make the 😐 face.

Almost Nobody:
Facebook: Apple gets 30% of all revenue and that should be unlawful
Meta: That will be 50% please

I didn’t read the article like everyone else here. So just going by the headline.

You’re telling me Zuckerberg wants to start a new platform and instead of attracting developers by offering a juicy sign up bonus and making it so developers get a better cut than let’s say apple. He instead chose to double down and take half the developers earnings? The alien has gone mad lol or he is working to get every household in America a free ve headset.

Also still no idea what metaverse is. The videos I’ve seen are pretty much copy pasted from VR chat.

Anybody wasting their time and effort “creating” for the metaverse deserves to get ripped off my the zuck.

Can anyone explain in ONE sentence what the Metaverse is? I have read a dozen articles on the subject and still have no idea what the hell it is.

However.. hear me out.. the alternative is 100% of nothing, so meta is banking on that monopoly 😂

I can’t wait to watch them fail at this. The bugs alone should prove to be nothing short of hilarious.

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