[Image] Each day Determination 15

[Image] Day by day Commitment 15

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Yeah, but people also don’t really see that effort or progress unless they’re already close enough to see you without clothes that hide it, or they care enough to let you know.

And probably more importantly, It doesn’t feel like anything has changed comparing now to when I was nearly 100lbs heavier and unfit. Still never received a compliment that I look good or put effort in since I started 6 years ago.

I know its the wrong reason for it, but I was lonely when I decided to get fitter and healthier, in a desperate effort to be more attractive. Now I’m still just as lonely but have to put in constant effort to maintain it (and probably still wont ever make any friends or more).

It is in a degree bought and inherited. This is the kind of thing that I think is way more damaging that motivational.

Also, you won’t take that body to your grave. And as Arnold shows you can get sick even in the strongest body. Get old and lose your looks. Although – honestly Arnold looks pretty damn good for his age nowadays. He’s still working out and he’s ditched the steroids. So good for him.

Ironic, considering that looking like him took two things: Genetics and Roids. Yes, hard work is required to have a decent physique, but some of these guys wouldn’t look like they do if their genetics weren’t the way that they were. Just worry about being healthy and exercising and stop making the gym your whole personality.

Can’t be bought… meanwhile teenagers taking steroids and spending 3 hours in the gym instead of getting an education. Can thank all the ripped movie stars for ruining them, what’s 17 year old jimmy gonna do when he’s finally 200 pounds but his body no longer naturally produces testosterone /: it is no longer about patience in most cases, supplements, steroids, hormone boosters Are the way to this “goal”.

Very nice feeling, but I feel more motivated by images of normal folks who used to be obese or very skinny people who got to normal. Arnold is just not possible to achieve with a 9-to-5 and an average budget. The message is still great , it just doesn’t land with the pic anymore

It’s definitely also vanity, though. Healthy, athletic physiques look nothing like bodybuilder physiques, steroids or no.

Well yeah that’s true but it’s mainly vanity, cause why not build something else if you aren’t interested in looking like that?

Body building community is great, I was at the gym and saw a bunch of people taking COVID vaccines in the locker room was so proud

There is something to be said about having the time and the means to buy a personal trainer and dietitian.

Honestly this is a horrible Get Motivated post. Exercise should be its own reward rather than trying to obtain an insane physique that could promote body dismorphia.

I know Arnold Schwarzenegger did an AMA here on reddit at one point. A redditor asked Arnold to insult him and push him to work out because he was depressed or overweight. Arnold declined and said the redditor was being too hard on himself. He instead suggested to make little changes day by day like going for for a walk to feel better.

The dismissive “steroids” comments are a defense mechanism from insecure people. It takes a ridiculous amount of hard work to get jacked and steroids alone do fuck all. Yes, they can increase muscle growth but only in conjunction with a massively disciplined regime of dieting and working out.

Never used steroids and am not super jacked but people that achieve great physiques deserve respect and not dismissive “steroid” comments.

I get, but at the same time kinda don’t understand why some people are being super defensive and critical about this quote. Yeah I get Arnold used drugs but would anybody take this quote seriously if it was made by some obese dude drinking a six pack of beer a day working on atrophying whatever muscle they have left before an early grave? Dude got his initial fame cause he was able to get to this point at all.

We all know Arnold was on steroids but he certainly looks less “storoidy” than the current body builders in my opinion

The documentary on Arnold back in the day is super motivational and informative on discipline and goal setting — movie is Pumping Iron 1977

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