I’m beginning to see a sample from Disney…

I am beginning to see a sample from Disney…

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It almost happened in my DND game!

Smartest character almost manipulated by a possessed cursed ring.

The motive is simple really. The extreme thirst to explore the unknown just for the sake of knowing shit it’s a fucking golden carrot.

No matter how smart they are, they can’t see what’s under their nose, ’cause they are looking into distance.

Maybe its just my personal take, but I feel like Dipper ended the series with a much healthier life perspective and was better equipped to handle life’s challenges than Stanford was during his college years and initial time in Gravity Falls. Ford (and McGucket as well) may have been savants in their respective fields, but their lack of wisdom, empathy, and emotional maturity created the perfect recipe for their downfalls. At least he was able to learn from his greatest errors by the end of the Summer.

It’ll be interesting to see how Marcy emerges from this whole ordeal. I don’t think she’ll ever be the same (for better and worse) but something tells me her suffering isn’t over just yet.

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