If re-elected, Scott Morrison claims the Coalition will permit initial household customers “invest a accountable portion of their have superannuation personal savings into their initially home”.

If re-elected, Scott Morrison suggests the Coalition will permit first house customers “invest a responsible portion of their have superannuation cost savings into their very first home”.

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50 replies on “If re-elected, Scott Morrison claims the Coalition will permit initial household customers “invest a accountable portion of their have superannuation personal savings into their initially home”.”

Fuckin shit idea. That’s our retirement money you corrupt goblin!
How about you do something to fix house prices?

Ruin housing, retirement funding, and wealth equality with a single policy! Now that’s efficiency.

Laughable policy.

Not only does it not address housing affordability, it also goes about destroying peoples future wealth.

This is a disaster.

First home buyers are suddenly going to be able to afford the huge homes these boomers are selling and advertising for huge amounts? Nope!

This is more about topping up super which is a looming disaster than anything to do with homes or affordability.

You got to pump it up

Don’t you know? Pump it up

You got to pump it up

Don’t you know? Pump it up…

What a terrible short sighted policy from a government with no long-term vision or aspirations for the country.

These cunts are always looking for any possible reason to tap into super or have us do it so that it eventually trickles into the coffer’s. Dirty prick!

So…. Boomers get additional tax-efficient super contributions from selling their homes… And Zoomers and Millennials get to dip into their super to keep housing prices high and risk their retirement.

It’s so blatant how much this government hates the youth.

So more of the already wealthy asset class can take the retirement savings of future generations. What kind of abysmal world are we living in where this is even proposed.

So if people all start pulling from their super, wouldn’t this damage the stock market and super funds? Why pull all this money that is suppose to be for the future forward now?

Is this a sign that there is something wrong in the finance world that they need to band-aid fix before it blows up?

I have high skepticism about this and my gut instinct is that there is looming trouble ahead.

Preying on the dumbest people and most vulnerable people in society who don’t understand what their retirement is meant to be. Really irresponsible. Should be ashamed of himself.

Mongrels. Create the conditions that led to the crisis in the first place, only to buy votes with a magical solution.

Can someone in the media make it crystal clear to the public the this and the previous Home Builder shit incentives/policies have only increased the price of homes please, for fuck sake.

And at the same time FHBs are using their super to buy into a modest home, will be competing under the same policy with downsizing boomers looking for less expensive, smaller homes.

What a shit show of a policy.

So it is the LESSER of either 40% or $50,000.

Meaning you would have to have a minimum balance of $125,000 to withdraw the 50K

So, hypothetical… Let’s say someone has a high income but a low balance. Could they salary sacrifice/voluntary contribute at the top marginal tax rate to get their balance to 125K as soon as possible just to then withdraw the 50K at what appears to be a tax free withdrawal???

Yeah fuck that shit off, we shouldnt have to burn through our super to maybe one day buy a house

As a young person yet to buy their first home, what the fuck? There is no responsible portion to let most people take out, the average young person doesn’t understand anywhere near enough about super or retirement planning to be given that option. I’d expect to see a lot of young people with drained superannuation and still highly unaffordable housing if this comes into play.

They won’t be around by the time these first home buyers are retiring either. Its like the perfect crime. Win the votes today, fuck the people in 30-40 years.

For once, can the Government’s house affordability solution *not* involve giving buyers access to more money or more debt.

Make housing affordable? Fuck that! Let’s make it less affordable by raiding whatever’s left of young peoples’ super.

Idiot. He’s not attacking the root cause of the problem: housing regulations.

Of course, people should be allowed to put any capital gains into superannuation without being taxed, but young people shouldn’t be investing their super into housing. This isn’t helping anything.

These fucking dumb cunts just gotta prop up that housing market for their investor pals.

Fuck head

Let it go

Let the cunt prices drop. Average Wages are one tenth the amount of a house now

They used to be a third

Anything to push house prices up, when are the people going to see it’s not real value, you just pay more!

We can do this in New Zealand. I’m pretty sure it just drove up house prices more. The housing market needs to cool off a bit not be stoked more.

That money we make sure is put in a safe place so we can rely on it in decades to come? Yeah let’s funnel it into a bubble!

Absolutely disgusting. Prices have hardly dropped and they’re rolling out shit like this. If you have saved a deposit and are not prepared to raid your super you have just gone backwards in terms of your chances at home ownership.

I shudder to think of what “prop the market up at any cost” schemes are coming next.

This policy is so cooked I don’t even have words. Did he just pull this out of his arse on the spot?

Man this guy.
Seriously, what a terrible idea. Inflate the housing market even more and allow people to bankrupt their futures.

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