Identical ACRONYM!!!!!!!!!!!

Exact ACRONYM!!!!!!!!!!!

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Both are left to die by their developers, both are masterpieces and both communities are legendary. And the acronym thing is pretty funny.

How to differentiate between the two:

TF2 – Team Fortress 2

Tf2 – Titanfall 2

notice how the f in Titanfall is lowercased

can we make sw battlefront 2 honorary tf2? It’s bf2 so close enough and it also got abandoned

um ackchually TF2 is an initialism, not an acronym, because you say the letters individually as opposed to saying it as a word. FBI is an initialism, NASA is an acronym.

noooooo tf2 is way better than tf2. (I’m taking about tf2, the movement shooter made in the source engine with a developer that hasn’t updated it for years)

There’s something someone said a while back that I think relates pretty nicely:

“The only reason Titanfall’s fanbase has such a good relationship with Team Fortress’ fanbase is because the second game in each franchise share acronyms. I have no doubt that if that weren’t the case, the TF2 community would treat them as they do Overwatch.”

I love them both. I picked up titanfall 2 from a 5 bellow for $5 and fell in love with it. I’d play the PC port but all that EA origin drm isn’t worth the effort.

TF2 and TF2 both being great games that don’t get any attention from their Devs sharing the same acronym is material for a new conspiracy theory.


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