I’d possibly put this in the prime 10 filthiest J hooks i have pulled

I might almost certainly put this in the best 10 filthiest J hooks i have pulled

I’d probably put this in the top 10 filthiest J hooks i’ve pulled from joinsquad

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40 replies on “I’d possibly put this in the prime 10 filthiest J hooks i have pulled”

only those who have tried to fly can truly appreciate how incredible this is. well done mate

What the fuck I’ve never seen a heli fly that low and that fast then throw in a goddamn loop de loop good shit man

This your alt account?

I was the last logi you flew over heading toward Batha. I jizzed watching the barrell roll.

“That has to be the greatest pilot I’ve ever seen.”

“So it would seem….”

*Russian hardbass plays*

You should fly to the artics to chill out mate. Holy shit that was some grade A jaw dropping material.

Mad respect. Now unto the real questions….
Will you be my Squad über?


Question for you. Lucia mains in Overwatch practice specific “rollouts” (fastest walls to grind/ paths/ etc to reach the objective from spawn), have you spent time practicing specific LZ and routes to take from main? Or is this just the result of lots of flying and remembering where poles and trees are?

What are you using to fly? I don’t fly that much, since I’m always squad leading, but I’m presuming I would only get mildly better with just using my mouse. Are you using a mouse?

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