I want to build a rig for my father. Where to get started?

I want to construct a rig for my dad. Where to start off?

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My dad lost his race car in the divorce back 1999 and was never able to get back into it. Now he’s in his mid 60’s but still loves talking everything racing. I’d love to get him a serious rig, I’m just not sure which route to go. I haven’t built a pc since 2011 and am not up to date on VR. Upper budget is about $4k for PC and sim rig together.

He has a room for a dedicated rig. Last game he really got into was Gran Turismo. Pretty casual, but he doesn’t know anything about this world.

How much money do you want to spend? On which platform? How many space do you have in the apartment?

Should be able to do fine with a 4K budget. Honestly you could probably build the pc setup for about 2k-2.5k and use the rest for a racing chair, wheel, clutch, etc

You can get real good pc for 1800$, fanatec dd pro bundle for 1k, oculus quest 2 for 300$, rig from amazon for around 300$

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PC should have something like a Ryzen 5 5600X, 16GB of RAM (2 sticks, dual channel), an RTX 3060 or better, 1 or 2TB of SSD storage, a good CPU cooler and case, and a high and PSU to ensure efficiency and safety.

For the cockpit, look for anything made from aluminium profile. [](, ASR, Rigmetal, and Sim-lab are all good options.

As for the wheelbase, you should look into the Simagic Alpha Mini. It outputs around 12.5Nm of peak torque, which packs a nice punch and will make your dad feel like he’s really fighting an old race car. The GT4 wheel is good for racecars, but if he is likely to drive a variety of different cars I would go for the GT1-R.

For pedals, there are the Fanatec V3s, Simforge MK-1s, Heusinkveld Sprints, and many other high end sets. I wouldn’t buy anything more expensive than HE Sprints for your dad, as he won’t need such high end equipment.

If he enjoys driving manual cars, consider a VNM shifter. It’s probably the best H-shifter for the price right now. The Fanatec shifter is good but very unreliable and temperamental.

If he enjoys driving sequential cars, you should look into the SG Racing Pro shifter. They’re built in the UK but they ship to the US. They’re expensive, but they offer a lot compared to the competition.

For monitors, I would recommend triples if it’s within your budget. Three 1080p 144hz 27″ monitors would make for an excellent triple monitor setup without being overly expensive.

I’d say for a graphics card 2070super is a good budget sweet spot for 1080p triple monitors, ultrawide or Oculus rift-s or quest 2 for vr.

For wheel and pedals I highly recommend spending more on your pedals than wheel. So like a T-300 with Heusinkveld Sprints.

Bass shakers such as Dayton transducers on pedal plate and Butkicker gamer 2 on seat is very very good immersion add on as it adds vibration through software such as Simhub.

Hope some of this helps. This is a very open and opinionated subject so take what everyone says with a grain of salt.

Rigmetal rig, a (or some) 1440p screen(s), entry level DD (csl, simagic alpha mini, moza r9, cammus. Depending on what ecosystem you’re after) and either heusinkveld sprints… Or something equivalent for pedals. Probably is going to be tight to get it on a 4k budget, closer to 5 I think. Could be wrong though.

Edit: with a pc 4k could be tight I think.

r/buildapc and r/buildapcforme were great, built my first ever 4k simracing monster PC with no prior experience using those two subs

What would be pretty wholesome if space in the house and creativity is on your side, would be to recreate that car’s cockpit around a rig. If I was your dad I would be ecstatic ! Even a normal rig would do great, Im just giving ideas ! I can help out if you want with some planning n stuff 🙂

I would look at getting triple screens as a must have. I only have a single. I’m playing on a desk and a sturdy chair, one that is like a little half size couch kind of thing that I can lean back in, and doesn’t slide. For me it seems more important to expand my field of view, as my desk and chair are ok-ish. I would go for triples before a proper cockpit, especially if you and your dad are handy at making something home built for the cockpit.

Id start at an 8020 rig setup, like trak racer us for example. Even if you drop a 1/4 of your budget on just the rig its worth it, even an expensive wheel and pedals on a wobbly rig will just make it feel like a toy. Id start w 8020, then depending on your budget if you want single triple or vr then the pc questions start, any midrange belt drive wheel and 3 pedal load cell combo will keep him happy, and lastly a decent h pattern shifter (fanatec makes a good one ive been happy w for years.

Take him to a VR arcade to see how he deals with VR before deciding to go for it, some people are fine and some get motion sick or headaches pretty quick.

Older folks generally (but definitely not always) have a tougher time adjusting to it, but also are the most immersed and enjoy it a lot. Don’t have to tell him it’s a test for a surprise race rig of course

I can tell you as a dad and avid sim racer, anything my son put together for me would be perfect

Given your budget, I’d skip the VR bc you’ll need a powerful/expensive GPU. I would also get a formula style rig since your dad is a formula car racer. And I would prioritize great load cell pedals over a great wheel base (for example, I’d get Heusinkveld sprints or ultimates + a belt drive wheel base over a Fanatec DD2 + CSL brakes).

If he loves racing, then iRacing is a good starting point. Great thing about iracing is that it only needs a mid-range PC to run though obviously you should get the best you can afford.


Best of luck and please update us on how he finds the simracing world.

Step 1. Find your check book

Edit: Saw ops comment and feel bad for making a joke, best of luck op!

I’m on team VR rift s is is what I’m using it did take me a time or two to get used to but I learned to always have something in my stomach and after that I was fine

Unless your dad is very tech savvy VR is probably not the best route. There are really night wide curved screens you can get instead of triples which are pretty cool.


There are so many different options for wheels and stuff some things come together others you can buy seperate, change the wheels etc. The logitech G920 and 29 are okay, there are a lot better wheels out there especially ones with Direct Drive but it is very expensive. A G920/29(they will both work on PC so doens’t matter) are only $300-$400 depending where you live and if you get a sale on it. H-Pattern shifter is optional its an extra $70-$80. I think it’s a good wheel to get started with especially if you don’t know how much use it will get. Another not too expensive option is the Thrustmaster T300 which is apparently better than the G920 but I have no experience with it. The pedals are apparently better and the brake is not as stiff from what I have heard.

As for building a PC if you wait a month or two may be your best bet. GPU prices have been sky high because of crypto mining, covid and some china tarriffs apparently. Things are starting to get better. Additionally Nvidia has announced their new line up of 40xx cards so there’s lots of potential for even further price drops on used 30xx cards, no release date on that but it’s supposedly this year.

[]( is a good resource, you can do research on what components you’re interested in and they can help you find a good price.

May I just say this is a great photo. If all you can think about is racing, then racing is genuinely for you. That smile is a raw capture of the joys of racing. Good luck to you and your rig situation (I am budget, I can not suggest much)

I had a spreadsheet on the go with four columns:

Item / Cheapest / Preferred / Fanciest

With that, I then worked through all the stuff I wanted.

I made decisions on the way through over:

– GT Vs. Formula seating (I’m old, so getting into a tub wasn’t happening)

– Games I play – AC and AMS2 were key for me

– Robustness, I didn’t want to be re-buying gear vs. just get in and drive.

– Eye strain. VR vs. Big monitor vs. up close widescreen – for me end of day racing was key, so had to be easy on the eye.

– MVP (min viable product) on the PC. What can you get away with, I have a solid 60fps maxed on every game, I’m happy with that.

Ultimately I went with the Fanatec ecosystem as it is largely plug and play, I’m very glad I did as I can just get in and go 99% of the time. I also opted for the 918 rim as it’s most universal.

Moza R9 with Formula wheel 1000usd.

Any gt style cockpit with seat. I don’t think you should spend too much on that.

Anything equivalent or better than RTX 3070

Triples or Samsung G9 Odyssey

Anything better than entry level loadcell pedals(sky is the limit about that)

Besides these get a 3drap Lotus rounded 270mm vintage rim and a shifter(thrustmaster or such) for remembering good old days.

Moza wheel will help you to use any aftermarket rim with universal qr. Their Formula wheel is wonderful as well. More than that base will be overkill due to your budget in my opinion.

Also show him Assetto Corsa and Iracing vintage open wheel cars.

I have a feeling your dad would massively enjoy Skip Barber on iracing.

Honestly, you don’t need much to get him started. Thrustmaster T300RS has a very good package at a low price and a simple wheel stand will suffice.

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