I set a sleep tracker on my cat for one day

I put a snooze tracker on my cat for a person working day

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Basically every cat. Wake up go eat and drink some water. Look through the window. Go back to sleep. And repeat.

this is really cool. howd u get a sleep tracker on ur cat though? how accurate is it tho? since there made for people. my 16f saya. she actually sleeps thru the nite, like 6 hrs at a time, with me, now that shes gotten older.

Wow. This is amazing. I work with big cats, but specialize in lions. I think there are definitely nighttime periods where they sleep 3-4 hours at a time (same as my domestic kitties who are behaviorally most similar) but maybe this could prove me wrong!

I think my cat is part raccoon. He wanders around all night and waits for me to get out of bed, so that he can crawl under the covers. Generally, he stays there ALL day. I used to worry that he couldn’t breathe.

I’m wondering why they don’t sleep more. Do you have a younger cat? You posted a window from 2:30am to 7pm which is 16 1/2 hours. In that period your cat only slept a total of about 4 hours. More than half of cats sleep like 12 a day. Are they sleeping straight through 7pm-2am? I’m a little perplexed, is all.

what was the total? stats always say that cats sleep 12-16 hours a day but I honestly have never felt that a cat gets anywhere near that total

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