I pronounce it the correct way

I pronounce it the correct way

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Bro, I had one of these bad boys.

We just called it “Nintendo”.

We called the SNES “Super Nintendo”

We called N64… “N64”.

I swear, no one said “NES” or “SNES” until we were downloading emulators. My first emulator was called “NESticle” in the year 2000.

Nintendo’s official style guide has them pronounced Nintendo Entertainment System or En Ee Es and Super Nintendo Entertainment System or Es En Ee Es. Ness and Sness were a UK thing that no one native to the US would have heard of until Youtube and even more, Twitch became popular. For whatever reason, newer gamers, and gamers too young to have been around for the 8 or 16 bit eras have adopted the UK pronunciation, despite it never having been called that in America, but whatever, it’a a silly thing to argue about.

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