I never remenber why I make this

I really don’t remenber why I make this

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“are her lips the same color as her nips the same color as her pussy”
dude that’s a lot for me to suddenly bother to pay attention to

Since all harlequins are born normal eldar, this implies a procedure is in place to turn eldar into this new species. And why is is limited to clown girls?

Also don’t try to tell me this stuff isn’t canon. GW is suppressing the truth.

Kinda reminds me of ‘I Think We’re All Bozos on This Bus’ by Firesign Theater. Except I want to clean my soul after reading this.

I really miss the person I was 90 seconds ago, a person so blissfully oblivious to the horror that lurks in the hearts of men.

You really don’t wanna get them pregnant as you’ll never see so many kids fit in such a small place. Then again you probably won’t have much of a chance considering that condoms are useless since she’ll make balloon animals out of each one.

that’s enough heresy for one day I’ll rejoin imperium

also this guy seems like a follower of slaanesh

I want to wash my eyes with soap after reading that.
Its amongst the worst i have read on this sub ever.

Wait if the rear honks the clown mating would be loud and annoying. I support extermination of the species.

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