I lived 6 miles absent. Is this not sufficient of a idea? Bc when the driver bought her she manufactured guaranteed to permit me know it wasn’t enough when she handed me the food stuff.

I lived 6 miles away. Is this not ample of a suggestion? Bc when the driver obtained her she built sure to let me know it was not more than enough when she handed me the foods.

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42 replies on “I lived 6 miles absent. Is this not sufficient of a idea? Bc when the driver bought her she manufactured guaranteed to permit me know it wasn’t enough when she handed me the food stuff.”

Definitely a very generous tip ..she either was having a real lousy day and she took it out on you, or she only saw half or less of tip and was feeling annoyed that she had accepted the order.Im sure that she felt like a total jackass when she completed out the order!!

Doordash hid a $50 tip one time for me. It was late and a decent order but don’t’t remember the exact pay when it showed up. I delivered to a hotel room handed it off the food. I remember the guy was looking at me maybe for a reaction but looked kinda disappointed when I left. When I left and completed the order my eyes opened up it was an extra $50 tip. I would thank you him so much for that tip if I knew I was getting that much but door dash likes to hide money.

The only reason I can think of that your tip would be insufficient is if you ordered a lot of heavy items. Otherwise, this is wonderful. $2/mile is great.

But like others have said, they may not have been shown the full amount. DD hides tip amounts sometimes so dashers have to take sub-par orders.

This would be a pretty great tip for my market, so I’m pretty sure it’s not your fault OP.

A couple of things might’ve happened:

1. Doordash hid the full tip ($6.25 is commonly shown here)

2. I’ve heard that some restaurants take part or all of customers’ tips, so this is also possible

3. The Dasher is being an unreasonable jerk

Either way, IMO, not your fault OP. You just got unlucky.

The driver probably didnt complete the delivery in the app to see the hidden portion of the payout. But still, if they arent satisfied with the advertised initial offer, they shouldnt have accepted it to begin with.

It depends how far she drove from the restaurant. I would personally take it even if I was two miles away from the restaurant because $3.50 base + $12.50 is $16 and meats my $2/ mile requirement unless the tip is hidden.

In my market, it’d be a nice enough tip. In some markets, it might fall below some others that are commonly offered.

In either case, the Dasher was out of line. Either accept the order for the amount offered, or decline it.

I think it’s a decent tip. And I probably would have accepted it as well. But even though you only lived six miles from the restaurant, her complete trip may have been more. It may have taken her a few miles to get to the restaurant+ the miles from the restaurant to you… But forget about her, she didn’t have to accept the order if it was such a big deal

just because you’re 6 miles from the restaurant doesn’t mean the dasher is 6 miles. They may be 3 or 4 making the total trip 10, THEN if you live in a shitty area where there aren’t any orders to pick up once you get near your place and they have to back track another 6 miles to get back to restaurants that’s a 16 mile trip. Now I think your tip is fine and even then dashers shouldn’t complain they took the order, they could have declined.

As a driver, we get shown ~2.50+(TIP*somepercentagelesstgan100), so your job would have shown between $5 and $9 total before the driver accepted. It won’t show the $15 final amount until after they drop off and get back in the car and press the complete order button. And that’s only if DoorDash isn’t still secretly stealing tips, because ultimately they are the person communicating so they can very easily lie to both the driver and the customer. They’ve already been caught and sued for it once

ay nah she trippin like a muthafucka. a $12.50 tip for 6 miles? in my personal experience that’s rare.. I be getting 8 mile orders worth $4 in all with no tip. with your order being $40+ alone, I know for a fact she just got lucky & got something like $25+ for a order that only took her 10-15 minutes to get to you.

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