I desire we could preserve Blathers in his tent eternally 😭

I wish we could keep Blathers in his tent endlessly 😭

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Well technically you could. You don’t need the museum for 3 stars. But I don’t think you can move his tent once it’s placed until it’s upgraded to the museum.

I had to upgrade to the museum in order for Celeste to come visit, which is sad. Next restart I’ll probably just keep the tent and go to treasure islands for the Celeste diys 🙂

i wish the museum would have a designated working room for blathers that looks like the tent, where he is working all the time and you can encounter him researching various fish, art, …. on the desk

I love his tent so much! I remember I was hesitant to upgrade it before. I kinda miss it now tbh

I just want to be able to gift him extra fossils for his collection! I don’t need the money, Blathers! Take the bones!

Imagine how cool it’d be if we could take full sets of fossils to Blathers, and swap them for a mini model of whatever fossils we bring to him!

I know that Cyrus made the mini models in New Leaf, but it’d make more sense for Blathers to do it in New Horizons. It could be like a gift shop type thing! 🤩

It would be cute if all the NPCs had little residences or tents (if visiting, like a Flick or Celeste for example) on the island too

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