I bought very little

I received absolutely nothing

I got nothing from nflmemes

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You know, I can’t think of anything to make fun of with Kenny Pickett. I mean, you gotta HAND it to him, he even wears super cool gloves ALL THE TIME

As a Pats fan I love this. These organizations give the finger to the rebuild. Nobody ever feels cocky going into a fight with em.

sigh, no more low hanging fruit. throw the bee uniforms on so we have something you assholes

Can’t stand them cuz they give like zero effort outside of TJ Watt…… it’s not like they have the talent to be a legit threat, but constantly playing down to inferior teams is really annoying to watch. I want TJ on a real team

AB, Terry Bradshaw’s horrible take on mental health, Impedegate, Steroid Gate, Injury Gate, Corvette Corvette on the team logos, Chase Claypool being a clown 24/7, Headset tampering, ect

Just because you aren’t scraping the literal bottom of the morality barrel doesn’t mean any of your AFC north neighbors hate you any less. Fuck your one sided logod ass Mason Rudolph bashers and fuck you even harder for robbing Larry Fitzgerald of his only shot of a ring. You should hate yourself for that sin alone.

With big Ben gone i can finally root for Mike Tomlin, guys a fantastic and underrated coach that deserves playoff success.

Ah, the Steelers. That’s a team I haven’t thought about in a long, long time. I remember when I used to be nervous when the Chiefs were going to play them.

-Annoying ass fanbase

-Still Loves Big Ben

-Diva WRs

-Steelers fans pretending TJ is even close to Aaron Donald

-in the state of Pennsylvania

The hate remains, but ol’ reliable retired. Although Ray Lewis Murder jokes still happen. Now we just evolve. I propose the Ghost of Rapists Past.

Juju dances? Their fans just being douches in general? I know like 10 Pitt fans, and only 1 is a cool guy. Every other is a raging assclown

Juju gone also makes it hard. But don’t worry, Chase Claypool still gonna be a clown to watch

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