“I am not racist”

“I’m not racist”

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OK, you’re not a racist. You are a moron. You are a narrow minded person who should not be allowed to eat soup without a helmet. We are all human and there fore we are all ass holes.

who knew “black people are sub par as a race” is only racist by liberal dinglebat standards.

> I’m not racist if that means I hate racing.
> I am racist by the actual definition of what it means to be a racist.


Anyone beginning a sentence with “*I’m not a racist but*” is a certified racist. Anyone having to qualify “black person” with “normal” is very definitely a racist.

If you’re having to assert your non-racist status, have a word with yourself.

Man it’s a good thing he clarified that he wasn’t racist otherwise I totally would’ve thought he was.

“i m not racist but black people are not the same as normal people”. Yeah in my book thats enough points to gain the racist achievement.

Lol “voluntaryist”. It’s best to steer clear of fascists unless you’re running them over

I…. I can’t even begin to pick apart what or how insulting each piece of this is. I thought it would be one cringe moment but nope! They went for the gold!

Most racist people are not very smart, and do not like being called a racist. The irony is, the “average black person” (as he so eloquently put it) is a much better person than this waste of breath.

“If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

I love how they bring Asians into this to say “hey we’re not *white* supremacists!!” as if they think we’re equals and haven’t also been racist towards us.

So many people from my child hood would tell me “I like black people but I hate n*****s”. I grew up in a sundown town so ya they just hated black people but didn’t want to admit it to a child.

As a black person this gotta be one of the funniest racist shit I have seen lmfao 😂

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