I am intrigued

I am intrigued

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“Memorized the lyrics by MMMBop in less than 8 hours.”

More difficult than you might think, there’s a whole lot of things that in that song that aren’t words.

11:06 upside down is 911. Idk if that was intended, but if it was, it adds another layer of complexity. Beautiful.

Plot twist: it’s actually a millionaire who’s been burnt recently by someone who was only interested in them for their money. Now they’re trying to find someone who clearly doesn’t care about money and is talented enough to play and teach the piano. And they will reward that person with money

What can we glean about Michael from this posting?

He himself is over thirty and loves candles. His parents love him, after all they paid for his piano lessons (for thirty years), you don’t do that for someone you don’t love. He is a Hanson fan, at least enough of a fan to bother learning the lyrics to one of their songs. He knows some wrestling moves (calling them cool is subjective and irrelevant here) and likes helicopters (who doesn’t?). He is willing to teach someone said wrestling moves or share facts about helicopters, but not both, showing that he is a cunning businessman. Lastly, the post shows that he does feel guilt for misappropriating his parents money since he is going through the trouble of doing all of this to learn how to play Beethoven’s 5th for his parents wedding anniversary. This shows that he loves his parents and does not wish to disappoint them, something that I am guessing he has done many times before…

Truly fascinating…

At least they didnt chose Canon in D. I recommend this guy to play Liszt’s ‘Waldesrauschen’, its easy

It sounds like Michael needs to accidentally slam his hand in a door and break his pinky or something

The question I have is this: is there only one sign (e.g., “meet HERE”) OR did he change the time by 2 minutes and post a sign at every intersection?

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