I am begging you to prevent

I am begging you to end

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I have a head canon that whenever Tyberos makes planetfall, he orders the planet’s people thus:

“*insert planet here*, ACKNOWLEDGE ME”

Yes, he is Roman reigns in this scenario

Because sharks are fucking apex predators.


Now, if we get a legion based off Orca’s, the guy in charge of those will be even fucking scarier…

It’s kind of endearing the way r/40kLore will jump through all kinds hoops in order explain why/how something makes sense in universe when the actually reason it exists is because some nerd in the 80s thought it would funny.

tyberos is not a primarch, he is just a big boi.

who the fuck thinks he is a primarch? it’s most likely just a gene flaw or mutation (kinda the same tbh, but still)

Carhcaradons are a successor of the Ashen Claws who separated from them. Carcharadons are some of the very VERY Few individuals who not only know of the claw’s existence but also of their dislocation. Te Kahurungi, chief librarian of the Carcharadons is friends with an Ashen Claw librarian. Ashen claws raided Nostramo and stole some geneseed from there during the raid. Carcharaddons are hinted to have traces of Night Lord Gene seed within their men. The sharks are also, “officially” a Raven Guard successor which is proven in the “Silent Hunters” novel.

So the lads are a mongrel successor chapter of the Raven Guard.

Forgive me for my English.

OK, also hear me out. Alexus Polux was apparently was Gillian’s size since Rawbut could look him straight into the eyes. Red Wake is officially the TALLEST astartes out there…so he is taller then Guilliman. (Also, Tyberos is a title akin to Chapter Master, Red Wake is his name.)

Tyberos big because I like the idea that he’d be big and he’s also from a weird mysterious chapter so he could totally just be that big since we don’t really have any actual heights on him.

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