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I dont really care about furries much but this is one of the few instances that made me cringed so bad.

I mean there are so many mods out there that are fully voiced by the va of Gordon Freeman, so I don’t get it why this is so big of a deal

Is that even allowed without permission from Nintendo? I remember the cast for the COD zombies characters made a Christmas album as their characters and got slammed by Activision, and knowing how strict Nintendo is with their copyright I can’t see this going much better.

People in the comments are cringed by *this?* Seems pretty normal if you ask me, but maybe it’s because I don’t say “cringe” every time I see anything even remotely weird.

All tho I know nothing about the starfox games, its really awesome to see one of the voice actors helping with a fan mod.

Commenters here be like: hurr durr furries bad, this is so gross and perverted.

Like, if a furry character shocks you, I have to ask: did you join the internet yesterday or something ?

And excuse me but where is the “perverted” part in this? Because if you are calling this perverted then it is in fact you who’s imagining this character in a sexual scenario.

Im just happy to see them get blown to bits by grenades and atomised from combine enrgy balls. Idk about you guys tho.

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