How to set up gift cards || Shopify Help Center

Gift cards give customers a way to support the brands they love and provide you with access to more cash flow. I’m going to take you through the quick and easy gift card setup in the Shopify admin today. After you follow this guide, customers will be able to purchase digital gift cards on your online store.

0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Gift card requirements
0:44 – Create a gift card
3:29 – Edit gift card
4:38 – Display gift card

Manually issue free gift cards »

Adding and updating gift cards »

Issuing free gift cards »

Selling physical gift cards »

Online store editor »

Editing menu items »

For further assistance, contact Shopify Support directly »

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24 replies on “How to set up gift cards || Shopify Help Center”

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Hi! I've set it up on our online store, but when I tested it (and went as far as checkout), it asks the customer for their shipping address. How do I get it to email the code to the customer when their purchase is complete?

I like this idea for my store, but how do customers use the gift cards after they purchase them? Is there a way for my customers to have the digital gift cards emailed directly to the person they want to gift it to?

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