How to keep away from the warden’s new ranged assault with shields

How to stay away from the warden’s new ranged attack with shields clear of_the_wardens_new_ranged_attack_with/

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Ok now just lure a charged creeper and when it’s low on health set the creeper off😂 drops warden head for display in a trophy case

I love how mojang has to keep delaying the unbeatable warden because players keep finding ways to beat it.

Mojang: You are supposed to try to avoid the warden, not to kill it

Players: Haha automatic Warden farm go brrrr

Mojang is starting an arms race on developing the warden, every time they buff it, people will find a new way to cheese it

Calling it now. Next snapshot, the Sonic Boom pierces shields.

Either that, or a Mojang employee will come to your house and smash your hard disk with a rubber mallet before doing a sassy finger waggle at you.

Mojang can do whatever the fuck they want but there’s 20000% gonna be people who make a auto warden grinder no matter if it drops anything or not.

This is the minecraft mob equivalent of the ol’ playground pasttime of “I have a forcefield” *”And i have an anti forcefield gun”*

Bruh they are gonna make the Warden so OP you won’t even be able to run away from it. This mob is feeling more and more like a failed experiment rather than something interesting. It feels so out of place compared to the easy sandbox feel of OG Minecraft.

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