How this grey wolf howls and receives response from the total forest

How this gray wolf howls and will get response from the whole forest get_response_from/

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I’m certainly no expert on forests, or even wolves, but that sounds like other wolves are responding not the actual forest. I could be wrong though.

“Mom, can we have wolf!?”

“No, we have wolf at home!”

Wolf at home: a chihuahua that can’t keep its tongue in its mouth

Wolf: guys guys I just spotted a tasty looking photographer

Wolf pack: say no more, will be there soon

I visited a snowy wolf sanctuary this year and got to play with the wolves. I was taught that they do this call and response as a roll call

My girlfriend let her puppy out last winter. When the pup came back in the house, she accidentally stepped on her paw, making her yelp. That yelp triggered a couple packs of coyotes and they were close! It was eerie as hell and so loud.

It’s probably the equivalent of a group of people with Queens accents yelling “wuld ya shut up there’s peeple tryna sleep here”

So what is the point of a howl? Is it a form of long distance communication? What information are they conveying?

Just “hey I’m here” or “if you can hear me, your in MY territory” or something else like keeping track of other members of the pack?

I’d love to know what they are saying. Are they all saying STFU Wolf!! Or like, applauding and cheering like at a concert.

I wonder if one day, we will be able to translate this video. Like get a text to speech of all the animals.

Some random bird: “yeah, I feel ya buddy, me too”

I like how wolf looks around like “Yeah, I did that. Entire forest is howling and all because of me”

“I’m cooooooooooooold!”

“I’m huuuuuunnnnnngry!”

“I’m boooooooooooored”


“Wtf Kevin the kids can hear you!”

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