How they make alcoholic beverages &#39more challenging&#39

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A question I have is.

What's the difference malt liquor like steel reserve old English hurricane and Colt 45.

Compared to regular beers like Miller Budweiser and Coors.

And why is malt liquor beers much more stronger than regular beers?

When you realize that liquor is basically distilled beer or fruit juice, and that the distillate is no more than 10 to 15% of what you started with, and that will likely spend some time aging in a barrel, it’s amazing how cheap and delicious whiskey can be!

It looks like it wouldn’t be very cost effective to make your own booze where I live if you’re only making enough for your own consumption. Must be really expensive for a bottle of booze in New Zealand where home distillation is legal!

Regarding the fore and aft of the distillate, you were already going to drink the wine and the distillation process didn’t add poison so you’re fine to drink the distillate. The only way you’d get sick is if you drank enough alcohol to make you sick which would exist in the wine before you distilled it. People poison themselves by distilling questionable things that may contain additives you don’t want by and using questionable equipment that isn’t appropriate for food prep.

Drinking distilled water isn't good for survival ultimately, because it dehydrates you. Better than nothing but eventually you'll die if you don't have the extra salts and minerals to supplement.

Actually, the distillate you had in your hands was not poison. You get as much methanol as in the input. You had 2-3 glasses of wine in your flask, the final product will not have more methanol than the content of the 3 glasses or wine.
At a homebrew scale, methanol poisoning is a myth. You will just get a terrible liquor and at worst a bad hangover.
The problem comes when you massively scale up: If you put in hundreds of liters of wine or other alcoholic beverage, the first shot will be loaded with methanol. If you serve that to someone, it is lethal.

Hi there, I don't normally comment online. But I am about to finish a Master's and move onto a PhD specifically researching aspects of distilled spirits and just wanted to say that I think you did a great job here. Well researched, ignoring the nitpicky nonsense, and easy to understand explanations for a broad overview. Hallmarks of a good educator, keep it up.
~Cheers mate!

Foreshot – throw away. On a 30L run you want to toss the first 100-150ml, it will contain the highest percentage of methanol and other high volatile compounds. Heads – Keep. Head cuts are the purest ethanol cut, if you want a nice clean pure flavoured spirit this is the cut to use. Hearts – middle of the road alcohol. There are off flavours and congeners here, whatever the source is will impart a different flavour, some deireable some not. This cut will need to be processed further, either carbon filtering or multiple distillations.

Funny that he mentioned vodka out of fermented dog turds at 14:18 because that's exactly what some stories claim some people did in the bosnian war, except we don't call it vodka we call it rakija

Making home distilled spirits for personal use is legal in New Zealand. Since your channel has an international audience, you really should add a disclaimer that the legality of things like this depend on where you live

As a fellow Tennessean: hard agree, that is a shit moonshine still setup. I've seen enough copper distillery equipment in my time to know that it takes pretty big equipment to even make a gallon at a time, much less the amounts needed to really push product on a profitable scale. Also you don't have to really worry about it to begin with because cops post prohibition are more likely to ask for a discount than to arrest you if they catch you making moonshine lmao

Adam, it would be much appreciated if you could find the secret recipe for a non gluten bread.

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It would be nice to know a recipe to cook at home and enjoy a chewy fluffy bread.

Love the content as always.

1:33 "And the byproducts they basically poop out include ethanol." Actually, poop is a solid and contains undigested bits of material from the digestive system, while pee is a liquid and contains all the waste products of cells in the body undergoing life functions, including metabolizing sources of chemical energy. Ethanol is a waste product of yeast metabolizing a source of chemical energy. So they're not pooping out the ethanol, they're peeing it out. 😛

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