How Driver·i improves driver retention

In this video, Netradyne customers shared how Driver•i helped to improve driver retention. They shared how the fleet camera system created a positive driving culture for drivers, how they utilized the GreenZone to engage drivers with gamification and took a proactive approach to driver coaching.

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I think if I looked the Driver•i product in terms of retention, or in recruiting, I think he kind of goes well with our overall mindset or essence of being a positive company, driver-friendly company, a safety-orientated company. And our drivers see that we care. And those are how we operate as a company. And that’s our mission. I think that’s attractive to them. And they want to be part of something that’s safe and positive. And to see that that company genuinely cares about them.

Currently, we’re doing what we call a GreenZone contest. And that GreenZone contest is taking drivers at a specific score tier, or higher. And if they have that score for a month, we give them an entry into a drawing for a gift card. If their score is even higher than that baseline, so say, our baseline is 950. And above, you get one entry. If you’re at 1000, or above with your DriverStar events, then you get two entries. So you double your chances of winning that card. Most of the feedback we got was much more interaction with the drivers wanting to know more about their events, because now there’s something in it for them.

It’s just so much easier to coach with this system than the competitors. You’ve got the positive driver notes in there, plus you’ve got an actual score that it shows, hey, you know, you had this many minutes of drive time and all these minutes were great. Here’s a couple areas that you can improve on. And that’s all score based. And with that score, the drivers really react to that score and everything and oh, okay, so this is how I get a better score and definitely drives them a lot more.


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