How difficult can a kid’s card activity be?

How tricky can a kid’s card activity be?

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You see this is the damage step, not damage calculation. So you’ve just activated the wrong effect, crashing your monster into my monster.

Me being new to yugioh

“oh it’s immune to targeted card effects”

“Wait why can access code talker destroy this card, aren’t you literally picking the card you want to destroy”

“Well the card doesn’t say it’s targeting a card”

“But you just picked—“

*Gets slammed with 5300 attack*

Or maybe they are grooming children to be lawyers!Gotta prepare them to be ready to save the world!
(By dueling ofc)

Your Honour, the reason my client cannot be charged with murder is because nowhere does it state his very deliberate killing of his victims to specifically be ‘murder’, thus causing the charge to simply fizzle out.

At this point i gave up trying to play it outside of the video games because i just know i will misunderstand something and either end up banned or miss time every combo card i have and fail to activate it

That leads me to asking this question because I am never quite sure if I am reading it right.

I recently read a card effect of a monster that destroys and then sends another card to the graveyard.

From what I understand a card can be destroyed or be send to the graveyard – they are technically two different ways of moving the card to the graveyard right ? So how does a card destroy and then send ?

Again, I may just be interpreting something wrong since I just recently came back to the game with Master Duel but I would appreciate an explanation.

Are there studies about psychological benefits of playing this game? I feel like I can understand texts much better since I started playing more actively.

Made a mistake of using aleister at the start of the battle step not damage calculations

Getting called by

God damn it!

Before playing yugioh: How the hell is there a “duel school” in the anime? What do they teach there? How would you make a full curriculum out of a card game?

After playing: Oh it’s just law school

Playing before psct was even worse. At least now you can just scan for the word “target”, before hand the rules on what did and didn’t target were essentially just judge discretion. The only way I figured it out was copious card by card googling

This reminds me, it’s kind of funny that you literally can’t declare A Legendary Ocean in a duel by using any card effects that ask you to name a card.

Because A Legendary Ocean doesn’t exist, since its name is always treated as Umi, you have to declare Umi.

Magic the gathering and yugioh both say 8+ or something like that but both have their own legal jargon that confuses a lot of adults.

YGO card effect then: Target a card and destroy it, then draw a card


YGO card effect now: Once per turn, once per chain, when this face-up card is activated face-up on the spell and trap zone (but not the main monster zone or the extra monster zone) and resolves its effect: Target a card (But this does not target), then, if the targetted but not targetted card is still on the field, destroy it. Then, if this face-up card destroyed a card with its activated and resolved effect by targetting a card on the field with its untargettable effect: draw a card (if any) from your deck. You can only activate this effect of “card” once per turn.

Must first be fusion summoned

Must first be special summoned by its effect.

Target 1 monster in your graveyard, special summon it, ignoring it’s summoning condition.

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