Homeless 17 Calendar year Old Residing Underneath Bridge Who Surrendered 4 Thirty day period Old Puppy So It Would Be Taken Treatment Of Reunited With Pet dog, Now Has A Place To Stay

Homeless 17 12 months Old Residing Beneath Bridge Who Surrendered 4 Month Outdated Pup So It Would Be Taken Treatment Of Reunited With Canine, Now Has A Place To Continue to be

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SENATOBIA, Miss. (WREG)— A homeless teen who surrendered his dog to a Mississippi animal shelter because he couldn’t care for her has been reunited with his dog.

WREG is not identifying the 17-year-old, who was reunited with his puppy Jada, Friday morning.

Kris Robinson, Interim Shelter Director at the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter, says the teen came to the shelter earlier in the week and asked if he could leave Jada there.

‘It broke my heart’: Homeless teen surrenders dog to MS animal shelter
Robinson says he told her he couldn’t take care of Jada anymore and that he was living under a bridge. The 17-year-old said he’d left Jada in a tent while he looked for work, but she had broken out.

The teen told Robinson he didn’t even have a tent anymore and couldn’t feed the dog.

“We’re a shelter, so we’re concerned about the dog, but ultimately we were concerned about him and him getting off the street and getting some help,” Robinson said.

Robinson took Jada in even though the shelter is full but hated to the see the young man fade back into the isolation of homelessness.

“He filled out a surrender form with a little bit of information about himself, and we were able to pass that along to some folks who could help him,” Robinson said.

He left Jada there with a bag of dog food.

Though it has not been revealed where the teen was living or what caused him to leave home, late Thursday evening, the Senatobia Police Department announced officers had found the teen with the help of several community members.

“We thank everyone that assisted the Senatobia Police Department with helping us locate this young man safely,” Senatobia’s Police Chief Richard Chandler said in an email.

Friday morning, the teen was reunited with Jada at the shelter.

We’re told the teenager has a place to stay and was scheduled to reclaim Jada and take her to their new home Friday.

“He’s able to go someone’s house and be with them for a while while he gets his life back on track,” Robinson said.

The shelter is flooded with calls from people wanting to donate to Jada and her owner. There are no designated homeless shelters in Senatobia, but many local churches take up the slack by offering limited assistance.

We’re told the First United Methodist Church in Senatobia is taking donations to help the family that will be caring for the teenager and Jada. The church’s phone number is 662-562-5214.

I love this. He went to the shelter seeking help for his dog, but ended up getting help as well. It’s crazy how he’s homeless, but made sure his dog didn’t go hungry. I hope he and Jada are doing well.

>He left Jada there with a bag of dog food.

This broke me. He’s homeless, doesn’t even have a tent anymore, and he still has dog food.

“People care more about stray dogs than they do about stray humans”

*(- a Redditor, whose name I can’t find)*

Of all the things that should be absolutely impossible in this, country is for a child to be homeless. It blows my mind that this, even happens with people so young, regardless of reason.

Very happy to hear the young man is receiving the help he desperately needed.

Can we please stop posting r/ABoringDystopia/ like they were uplifitng news? It is a good thing, yes, but: The bottom of them is that something happened, that should never had to be a problem in the first place.

The mother of the 17 year old said he ran away after he got grounded and she hasn’t seen or talked to him in a year after filing a missing people report, I wonder what happened to make him run away

Dog saved him this time. Agreeing with the sentiments about this level of poverty being not okay in the supposed richest country in the world.

Yeah now if this could happen for my mentally ill and homeless friend who is currently at risk of losing her cat at the end of June. Department of mental health services is really dropping the ball. Good for him though.

Nothing says that you failed miserably at being a human being than letting your 17 year old kid go homeless. Worse parents existed but than is pretty close to the top.

How is it that in the richest country in the world we can have public news about actual minors being homeless?

I had to put my dog down not 18 hours ago and I want to help this young man in taking care of his dog. I tried calling the church listed but it went to voicemail. I’m going to leave this message here and hopefully I’ll get a response leading me to being able to donate what little I can. Cheers, all.

So much Murican Freedom in this article!!! It really is the best country in all the world!!! The system does work…

It’s wild that people will take a puppy away from a homeless person so the puppy can be taken care of while they leave the person on the street to fend for themselves.

I’m sorry but this is not “uplifting” news. This is a example and a symbol of exactly what is wrong with society. Why do we have some of our own children living under bridges in this country with the massive amount of wealth that surrounds us all?

This is fucking tragic. I’m happy someone is finally helping that poor young soul.

“Every heartwarming human interest story in america is like “he raised $20,000 to keep 200 orphans from being crushed in the orphan-crushing machine” and then never asks why an orphan-crushing machine exists or why you’d need to pay to prevent it from being used.”

I volunteer with a nonprofit outreach program for the street population.

The pet owners will ask in order for:

– Food
– Clothing
– Safe use kits
– Dog food.

Often they will call our outreach personnel specifically for pet food or supplies to be dropped off. We might think that they’re addicts and focused on using, but it is a testament to humans that even in the grips of an addiction the thing they can care for and focus themselves on is the welfare and happiness of their companion. It’s astonishing to me that they will consider their companion’s comfort as equal to their own, but once I got a dog myself I understood totally.

What a fucking dystopia we live in when you can have an uplifting story and Homeless 17 year old in the same sentence. Wtf is wrong with everybody. A literal child is homeless, but let’s all be happy because he got his puppy back. How about we, oh i don’t know HOUSE THE FUCKING HOMELESS. HE SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN HOMELESS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Here’s the problem with government. I would have happily given that kid a job, let him furnish a basement room as best he could and live there with the dog.

But every part of that is illegal.

Since I cannot adopt him, or hire him for enough to afford his own independent lifestyle, he has to remain homeless and lose his pup.

That’s what government does.

I had friends in high school in the 80’s who moved into the basements at their homes to get privacy from siblings. I worked for 3.35 an hour from 13-18. (I couldn’t have a dog because my parents didn’t want one but i’ve made up for it lately by rescuing middle age german shepard’s.)

But the point is we faced hardships as kids that required us to sacrifice the comfort of mom n dads living room if we wanted independence.

I dont know of this 17 year old wanted independence or had no choice in the matter, but I do know being able to survive betters an he was on the street is denied to him by government morality laws.

I could pay him a small salary on top of giving him a basement room at a multi family if he’d take out the trash, mow the lawns, change furnace filters, etc. In the 20’s most of the multi family dwellings that existed had an area in the basement with a toilet, sink, two burner gas cooker, and a door for privacy….thats where the caretaker lived. Most of those guys did it for just the place to live.

Why cant I pay him $20 an hour , rent him an apartment so he can use his median wage to buy furniture and pay bills?

Because I dont have that $48,000 a year to spend.

What i do have is that caretaker room which is no longer legal housing, so its where i store the filters and lightbulbs that i personally go down and change when i take out the trash every week’s because I dont pay myself because i am a small business owner who lives on the difference between gross cash flow and expenses. So i work pretty much constantly and try to enjoy it and think of ways to increase cash flow or reduce expenses.

Id get along great with that kid and his dog….or the next kid and dog, but as I said, its illegal.

And the 2.5 trillion dollars per year in aggregate spending we all support with taxes which pays for the programs in the Mandatory US budget which is welfare and healthcare and housing….plus the 8 trillion dollars in “covid emergency spending” that we allowed the government to spend… somehow that ISN’T enough to get a kid and a dog off the street.

Make it legal and ill house a responsible homeless person and pet tomorrow. Depending on their ability to be neighborly and responsible…which means addicts may struggle and the mentally ill are beyond my ability to cooperate with. But that kid and his dog…. perfect. He can hang out with my kid and learn to be an optometrist part time while they both attend technical school to learn cad-cam manufacturing. Ill pay the tuition if it isn’t free.

But it ain’t legal.

So ill shed a happy tear for him and a sad tear for the next kid and hope they both make it.

This country is sliding backwards. No teenager should be homeless. No person should. One of the wealthiest countries in the world and we care more about rockets in the sky and internet virtual reality then feeding our people.

Ugh, this is not an uplifting story. It is a story of the utter and complete failure of the Deep South to care for its citizens. I work on a crisis hotline in this region. When people call in from Mississippi, I’m forced to tell them that there is no help coming. None. It’s right there in the article, there’s an animal shelter in Senatobia, but no homeless shelter.

Elderly, in a rural area, unable to leave your home? You are dead meat. Homeless? Fuck you. Mississippi cares less about you than a chunk of roadkill, especially if you are black.

It reminds me of when I volunteered at an animal shelter and a homeless guy staying at the homeless shelter had to bring his dog in and give her up to us. The weather was cold and the dog was old and the Animal Control told him the dog couldn’t stay in his car any more. The more poor and homeless you are the more life kicks you in the teeth.

**Homeless teen couldn’t afford to keep his dog. Then came emotional Mississippi reunion**

The tear-jerking separation of a homeless teenager and his dog last week has ended with an outpouring of support and a heartwarming reunion, according to staff at the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter in Mississippi.

It all began with a photo of a sad-looking 4-month old dog lying on the floor that was uploaded to the shelter’s Facebook page and shared more than 2,000 times as of Monday, April 11.

“This is where she layed (sic) after her owner surrendered her today with her plastic bag of dog food and a blanket,” reads the April 5 post. “She is devastated.”

The dog had just been surrendered to the shelter by her owner, a 17-year-old boy who told shelter staff he was living under a bridge in Tate County and could no longer afford to care for his dog, according to Kris Robinson, the interim shelter director.

“When he left and walked away, I could see him wiping his face from behind, and it just broke my heart,” Robinson told McClatchy News.

The dog was also clearly upset.

“She was heartbroken,” Robinson said. “She got up on a chair and looked out the window.”

Robinson said she wanted to share the story on Facebook to tell the community about the sad separation she’d just witnessed — and also commend the boy for his commitment to ensuring that his dog was well cared for.

She never expected what happened next.

“I was touched by what he did and that’s why I wanted to share that,” she said. “And the community response has just been almost overwhelming to me.”

Robinson said the shelter received Facebook messages and calls from people in the community and all over the country asking how they could help the boy and his dog.

“Calls from Massachusetts and Atlanta and Arizona and California,” she said. “I think it’s awesome and it makes me proud of this community.”

Within just a few days, the shelter received a few thousand dollars in donations as well as an offer from a local family to take in the teenager and his dog, Robinson said. The family is working with a city attorney to get temporary custody of the teenager, and they plan to help him finish high school and apply to community college, she said.

On April 7, the Senatobia Police Department wrote on Facebook that officers found the teen, who “is now safe.” The department did not immediately respond to a request for additional information from McClatchy News.

Robinson said the shelter will help get the dog spayed and supply the family with a year of flea and tick medicine.

The dog is still living at the shelter, she said, but will get to go home with her owner as soon as he settles in with his newfound guardians.

Since dropping her off at the shelter, the teenager has been back once to visit her, and it was an emotional reunion, Robinson said.

“She just was all over him, kissing him,” she said. “He picked her up and was hugging her. He was pretty excited to see her, and she was, too.”

Senatobia is about 40 miles south of downtown Memphis.


I’ve long wondered why so many of us would spend months in the snow, crying in tents leaking rain, and enduring the humiliation of their lack of self-sufficiency, to live another day, for perhaps yet another day of loneliness.

Now that I’ve seen the courage of some of the strongest people I’ve ever met fight through the coldness of not the elements but of human apathy, I understand why they keep on. There’s someone they care for, there’s someone they love, and there’s someone they hope to win and restore within them all the qualities that give us faith. The human narrative is one of redemption; of those in pain eliminating pain for others, as well as those who must exchange emotional pain to minimize physical pain.

Pain tells us to move away from fire. But fire often rekindles the thing we need most: hope, and the courage to love. I believe that we will win, and winning is a metric measured not by individuals but by populations.

Uplifting News? This made me cry. Poorguy, why is a17y.o homeless? What is wrong w this country? ( I understand hes got a place now, but..geez…poor kid)

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