Home income in United states by ethnic teams

Family revenue in United states of america by ethnic groups

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I do think it should be pointed out that using household income can sometimes be misleading because the number of members/members earning income can change.

Indian Americans is not that surprising. My guess would be them or Chinese Americans. The Filipino American one is very surprising to me though.

No shade to Filipinos, they are some amazing people, but for this list a bit of a surprise.

Asian ethnicities and broad demographic categories for Black, White and Hispanic Americans** ftfy

How is the U.S. average 28% when the Census shows ~38% of Americans over 25+ have a bachelor degree?

When our immigration rules mainly requires professional/college education etc.

Lots of Doctors, Nurses, Computer Scientists come to the US.

Phillipines I think nurses their main export jk. My SO is filipina and recently became citizen. She is also my sugar mama making bank.

That makes sense. To emigrate to US as an Indian, you either need to be (upper class + academically brilliant) or super rich. So majority of Indians in US will be educated Indians working for tech companies.

Well it’s extremely hard for an average Indian to immigrate to the US, so only the ones with highly sought after skills make it… therefore earning more

Interesting. I wonder why the nationality of Asians are called out here.

How would this guide change if Hispanic, White, and Black nationalities we’re also pulled out. Not every black person is American, and there are many groups in the hispanics bucket.

And is there a generational line for how someone identified? Are they counting 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation Indians (born in the US) as Indians, or are they American?

Its like a 7 year immigration wait for an Indian with a doctorate level degree and 13 years for those with normal degreez

I love how there is distinction between each Asia country while Latinamericans and Hispanics are thrown in the same bowl. You cannot compare a Mexican who just needed to cross the border to an Argentinian who had to cross the continent by plane and get a visa.

Also, the reason why Asians immigrants perform so well in the US is because to travel from Asia to America, get a visa and be able to support yourself means they were in their highest percentile of their country. You need to have balls to live in the other side of the world.

I see you didn’t include Native Americans. This feels like history class or a discussion on race in modern America.

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