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Forgive my innocent & ignorant mind, can someone explain the joke to me. I don’t quite get it 🙁

The joke is supposed to take place at one of those trough urinals so that way it’s not weird to look at each other’s dick

The version I heard in Middle School in 1982 was the guy gets drunk at his bachelor party and gets his soon to be brides name “Wendy” on his penis but when it was soft it just showed the W and Y. So he’s on his honeymoon in Jamaica and is in the resort restroom peeing when he looks over and sees a large Jamaican man who also has WY tattooed on his penis and nods at the Jamaican and asks if his wife’s name is Wendy also. The Jamaican then says “Nah Mon, mine says Welcome to jamaica, ave a nice day.”

idk what’s expected about an old and racist joke who’s entire punchline only makes sense if you think anti-Black racial stereotypes are hilarious…

Sometimes judging people help them from doing dumb shit like this. Regret is a real thing. This is a whole mess lol

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