Holiday break Present Guidebook | 3 Kinds OF Items WHICH DON&#39T Produce Litter | GIVEAWAY COLLAB Closed

Getaway Gift Guide | 3 Forms OF Presents WHICH Will not Develop Muddle | Christmas GIVEAWAY COLLAB

In present day video clip I am sharing 3 types of presents that do not develop litter!


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My title is Joy. I’m a mother of 3 older children – my oldest just graduated from higher education, my middle is in faculty, and my youngest is in superior university. I have been a SAHM due to the fact my oldest was a year old, only owning a pair various component time careers over the years when all my kids were being in school. I have also appreciated volunteering with numerous non for gain companies. About a year in the past I started out my individual small business doing in home organization below in Austin, Texas as a qualified organizer! I want to share some of the recommendations and tips I learned from staying a SAHM for in excess of 20 decades.

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33 replies on “Holiday break Present Guidebook | 3 Kinds OF Items WHICH DON&#39T Produce Litter | GIVEAWAY COLLAB Closed”

You look so beautiful, Joy! I am so excited to see your ideas, because I am getting more and more into not wanting to have clutter in my home, or create it for anyone else. These are really awesome ideas. When people feel like you chose a gift especially for them and didn't just grab something to have something to give to them, that is such a wonderful feeling. I love the experiential gifts. My Dad usually gets us couples a gift card to some restaurant. Two years ago, he gave us a gift card to a movie theater that we love to go to. It's so fun to know that you have those gift cards and can use them for a date night. When our kids were small, he always said that the gift card also came with free babysitting. I thought that was the coolest. That would be an amazing thing to give to new parents or parents of young kids, so they know they not only have a free night out, but free babysitting as well!

Hey Joy, you look beautiful as always and I really love your earrings and background. Not sure how I missed this video but I am here watching to support but i won't be entering. That is the perfect word for you 🙂 Yes, be intentional about the gift for that person. I have been wanting to try Hello Fresh so I would love that as a gift. LOLLLLL. I absolutely love candles even though I am sensitive to some scents. I like the idea of experiential gifts. I did a helicopter ride with hubby for our anniversary and it was an awesome experience. A star is such a great idea too. FW and great ideas. Have a great day.

Hey Joy! 🎄 I always feel like I’m an active listener.. but then when it comes time to gift shop for people.. I all the sudden realize how horrible I am at it. These are all great ideas! Some I would have never thought of. Thank you for sharing! ♥️

Hey Joy, your red lipstick and earrings look lovely on you. I love that you created this video, I always am thinking of Christmas gifts that people will actually use or need so it doesn’t go to waste and prevent clutter. I think of this too because when people give my girls gifts that are physically large I think to myself where am I going to put this. And the toys can be very over whelming. I just decluttered my girls toys before Christmas so we have enough room for the new toys that come in. I don’t like clutter it gives me anxiety and makes me feel I
Can’t enjoy the space. So because I feel that way I try and be conscious as I give gifts to other people. And I love gift giving too, it brings me joy to find the perfect present for others and I love to wrap them nicely and see their face when they open it. I still need to shop for two more people and then I’m finished so this video is perfect for this season. ❤️

I enjoyed your video a ton. I liked the theme of it and it is totally me. More great ideas to bring more joy this holiday season than some meaningless gifts. I spend too long struggling to find gifts that matter and it seems that gifts that don't clutter fits the script. Merry Christmas!

We are definitely on the same wavelength with our video ideas! 😆 These are such great points. It's easy to just buy people "something" instead of being an active listener and really being intentional. I'm very sensitive to strong scents, they give me headaches, and it makes me so sad when people give me candles and bath products. So I'm so glad you mentioned making sure you know what people like!!!

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