HOA won’t permit us fly our modest delight flag: UPDATE

I believed I would increase a fast update to y’all, a yr right after this compact tale blew up.
[here’s the link from last year’s post.](
We gained a ton of aid with a aspect of on the web dislike mail, but the positives really outshone the negatives. We haven’t gotten any damaging comments from the HOA (I’m even now a director and sit on the board), and the neighbors who achieved out were all supportive and pretty variety! No new information have come in that would reduce us from generating this our annually custom, and we’re presently location up for this June. [This is how the house is looking now](
We acquired some countrywide and worldwide focus, which we appreciated, in the identify of illustration, a couple really wonderful media articles or blog posts, some goodies, and I even turned the practical experience it into some enjoyable art do the job with the assistance of an amazing local artist.
Thank you all for your assistance, responses, and awards, that even now trickle in each individual week or so! Never ever expected this would go viral!
Be clever out there, fellow malicious compliers!

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Also, I know this isn’t actual malicious compliance on this post, but y’all made this the top post of this subreddit last year, so I thought you deserved an update.

Your Malicious Compliance is wonderful and is making the world a better place. Thank you for the update.

Have you ever considered changing curtains to rainbow patterned ones? If they clash with the interior, you could always make the liner rainbow-flag pattern, while leaving the face fabric to match the decor of the room.

Let there be light! Your house looks amazing. It’s a little early, but Happy Pride Month.

This is so wholesome I love it!! I’m gonna show this to my cousin and see if she can pull any inspiration from it for her and her gf’s apartment 🙂

Not the point, I know, but the photo is a great 101 in mood lighting. The purple side is so soothing and the red side is so spooky!

Meanwhile my HOA is trying to say that the concrete slabs that get walked on, leading from driveway to door are not considered a walkway, and I’m responsible for damages due to their shitty drainage.

To everyone who got tricked by the title of this post…

The HOA wasn’t letting anyone fly any flags except the USA flag.

I got tricked too – don’t feel bad.

Back when I lived in the states there was this no flags rule. It was eventually ditched after some old folks keep complaining about it I don’t remember but I think they were vets or their sons served the armed forces. Then we had all kind of flags, from countries to confederate, LGBT and a few that I guess were small countries.

Things took a turn for the worst when we had way more people complaining about the confederate flag, or some about the pride flag, others saying that the palestinian flag was just there to provoque, I swear I even saw a taiwanese flag in a puerto rican home and I’m just sure that it was to upset the several chinese people that moved to the neighborhood.

I moved out of Dallas some time after that, but last thing I hear was that they prohibited flags again except for 4th of July and only the Stars and Stripes flag for only that day.

I’m not in an HOA. A neighbor walked into my new place without knocking while we had contractors doing renovations, to tell me that the US Flag still flying from the previous owner was damaged and needed to come down.

So of course I put up a Ukraine flag shortly thereafter. Then we’ve been flying a Canadian marijuana flag since 4/20. We’ll be switching to the Progress Pride flag between now and June.

Owning a flagpole is great 🙂

That lighting is amazing. I’d leave it on all year. Maybe switch it up and do some crazy colors.

How did you do this? Can you change the pattern?

Check out “the hookup” on YouTube

He will teach you how to build and install permanent lighting that is entirely DIY, open source and repairable.

I remember this and remember absolutely loving it. All my support and love to you and yours!

I have every intent of having a pride flag hanging somewhere when(if) I own property one day

OP, expected update to read that you backed all the curtains In your house with pride flags, so every window (with curtains closed) would be a rainbow, but still welk within the rules (I assume). 😂

Still a great story!

This is so beautiful! Reading that the good outshone the bad really brought a smile to my heart. And speaking of outshining, your mc is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing your update. ❤️

I’m just here to say Fuck all HOAs. They are bastions of defacto discrimination. Never move to an HOA neighborhood.

It’s great that the HOA didn’t balk at your lighting choice. I’m sure your HOA would have something to say if you did the house up like the [Equality House]( in Kansas. It also prevents some neighbors from painting their houses to display the various hate groups they represent. Just picture having to look at a house that was solid red except for a swastika or a house painted to look like the confederate flag.

Hard to display hatred with colored lights.

I glanced through the comments, but didn’t see any mention of the stickers. Where can we get them?

I live in a pretty diverse neighbourhood. No HOA though.
Lots of flags, there’s a Pirate flag, some political flags and lots of different sports team flags from all over the US. Nobody cares, nobody complains. It’s wonderful. I’m gonna put up a peace sign flag.☮ Sorry for those of you that have to deal with an HOA.

Wait i have seen this house. I KNOW WHERE IT IS! I don’t guess it breaks the reddit tradition of not revealing your user name since I don’t know you. CHEERS!

I was on an HOA board to try and get them to chill tf out. They would say no flying certain flags on property, and I would remind people the street is not their property, and parking is legal on the street, and the HOA could not regulate what was on their vehicles, only their homes.

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