He was a dwelling legend, if at any time I saw 1.

He was a residing legend, if ever I observed just one.

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He literally only appeared once in my game at the tournament. Never saw him again after that. In fact, I never really saw any NPC ever again after talking to them and they go away.

Dog Pope, Alexander and Ranni are prolly more popular with the community. I like Blaidd but still

If I absolutely had to pick a favorite NPC it’s probably Fia (just because her storyline is interesting to me) or the Smith.

>!Dude goes from slave, to father figure to the spirit tuning girl, to companion determined to do his work as long as he can to assist us in our mission, to even after he loses his mind some part of him still has the willpower to continue on with his work.!<

Blaidd isn’t a simp though, he’s Ranni’s empyrean servant. He has to serve her, it may seem like a choice but it isn’t.

I like him just cause he’s literally just Guts.

Big ass sword, wolf beast theme and such

I hate that term, “Simp”. It’s so misused. Lore spoilers to follow:

>!Ranni and Blaidd were childhood friends. Blaidd was literally bound to Ranni by the Golden Order to act as her guardian. His duty was to keep her on the path of the Empyrean, however, when she rebelled against the Two Fingers, instead of “turning her in” or trying to stop her, he helped her. He knew she wasn’t happy being a pawn to the Two Fingers and he was her friend, so he helped her at the risk of his own life and duty. Doing so ended up driving him literally insane.!<

Simping is not the same as being a friend to the end. Loyalty isn’t simping. Their relationship wasn’t even romantic. Here’s why the community actually likes him:

* His model and armor looks amazing.
* He’s heroic and powerful.
* >!He sacrifices himself to save his best friend!<.

His lines are dope

His voice actor is dope

His weapon is dope

His armor is dope

Fuck you hater 🙂

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