he lastly bought his acorn 🥺

he ultimately obtained his acorn 🥺

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As funny as it is, my kids are obsessed with the Ice Age franchise and argue over which one we are going to watch. My youngest, the daughter, like loves Ice Age “Rawr” (Dawn of the Dinos) while my son prefers “Just Ice Age” (the original)

This is the definition of bittersweet lol. At least we won’t have any climate changing natural disasters


Damn i guess my childhood really is over

Edit: I really let this get to 500 upvotes before noticing the grammar error lol

Damn I got my start in the animation industry as an intern at bluesky. I was there when Disney started taking over and everyone knew it was kind of coming to an end. Rip.

I sent this to my dad, saying how bittersweet it is. 20 yrs ago he took me to see the first ice age… he says “Life moves on. More acorns to chase🐿”

I watched the first one about 30 times over a 6 month period with my little bro. We actually got it as an Easter gift and I remember that day just chilling with my little bros, eating candy on a nice evening with a happy family all around doing their own thing. Good times.

Scrat finally getting his acorn feels weird. Like he’s just a normal squirrel now. Thats makes me big sad.

This also marks the sad end of blue sky studios the people who pioneered CG for 30 years. Most notable creation’s include ice age, Rio and robots and many more.

Shit, didn’t realize Disney shut them down in 2021


Hopefully they got severance and/or relocation assistance. Interesting article here on Connecticut tax credits for Blue Skys: [](

The feeling of completing a lifelong mission and not knowing what to do afterwards is almost palpable here. The fact that Scrat just keeps existing and moving forward after a brief second of contemplation really displays that he’s pretty well aquatinted with loss. Happiness is fleeting, and this animated squirrel from our childhood handles it better than most.

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