Hardly ever stop going on adventures.

By no means end likely on adventures.

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Plus the stroller, the diaper bag, extra bottles, some snacks, extra outfit in case she throws up, some water, an extra pacifier, that one cuddly friend she won’t be without…

And this is why I’ve made the decision to be child-free. Love kids – love to have ’em – too mentally ill and need to live my own life. So I’m gonna just mother other people’s kids and keep having adventures.

I don’t have kids. Don’t have to worry about anything to do with them. Hopefully I won’t be a lonely old person., That’s my only concern, but it’s a biggie.

I was telling my friends about a paddle camping trip, and my one buddy was lamenting he wished he’d joined me on an adventure before he had a kid. I’m like…. you can literally still come? You don’t, and probably shouldn’t, stop all fun because you had a kid.

This wasn’t some faraway destination either, it’s like a 30 minute drive from his place lol. I literally took the bus!

Having adventures on the beach with my one year old now. Best time of my life. Literally just talked with my husband about the trip plans for the upcoming years. Looking forward to all of them!

I’m currently in Florida with my 1yo. She played on the beach in the sand for the first time and splashed in the ocean. For the first time in her life, tomorrow all her grandparents will be with us in the same place (damn Covid). We are still having adventures. I swear people just hate their kids

To everybody who acts like marriage and having a kid is the end of the adventure… f>!rog!< you. It’s just a new chapter.

Honestly, I wish more books and movies followed the characters after they got married. The Incredibles proved having a family can still be an adventurous, after all!

It is work to travel with kids, but like with most things people are adaptable. Your kid will get used to whatever you end up doing and it will become easier over time. There is obviously a balance but many times doing the best thing for your kid is just making yourself selfishly happy.

I know it’s possible to travel with kids, but I *Reallllly* don’t want to go through that struggle, I want to travel a lot and see the world

My mother told me not to get married. I was too young and hadn’t lived my life yet. I’ve visited more countries with my wife than I ever thought I would be able to in my life and I’ve loved every second.

She said don’t have kids they’ll stop you from having a fun time (yeah fuck you too mom) well I plan to make sure she is wrong about that too

Adventures are good and all, but there is a 10th circle of hell for anyone who brings an under 2 year old on a crowded international flight as a lap baby.

Still trying to get past Step 1: Find a woman who I’m attracted to that reciprocates.

I kinda hate it tbh. Just don’t really agree with the message or the mentality behind it. If you’re going to have kids don’t drag them around travelling while they’re tiny and fragile, jeez.

… ugh first tinder now cartoons. I’m sick of everyone wanting to go on adventures. I’m exhausted ok.

I’m currently pregnant, and my family jokes that maybe now my husband and I will settle down more and slow down on the travelling. This is so perfect. 🥹

Oh, yeah the thought process behind those people who took an 11 month old up to Mt Everest…then they complain there are no kids activities up there, no baby change facilities

Until she is a toddler, then it takes 2 hours to decide who is going to put her shoes on. Mom, Dad, or herself. Then, when she does it herself, she will be mad Mom didn’t do it.

All these people saying adventure doesn’t die but then complain the second your kid cries on the plane.

My daughter has been to Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand and 15 states before the age of 8. If you love to travel, you don’t have to stop when you have kids.

Travelling with kids/young children is not impossible. It takes much more planning and effort, and more importantly – not all the kids react in the same way when they are in a new environment. What works for your kids may not be for others.

It gets even more complicated when their age gap is a couple years apart, they have different needs.

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