Hades Dreamland – the cross-about that no a single questioned for

Hades Dreamland – the cross-more than that no one particular asked for

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28 replies on “Hades Dreamland – the cross-about that no a single questioned for”

The crossover I didn’t ask for… but that I NEEDED.

It’s my bi awakening and my cozy awakening all at once!

I didn’t know I needed this, until I saw it.

Also consider crossposting it to r/Kirby

oh hey! It works because both Kirby and Zagreus get their power from others. Although Zag gets his power from friendship, and Kirby from… killing and eating people.

thanatos watching his bf, his bf’s gf and her sisters get eaten by strange pink aliens, not sure if they are considered dead or not: 👁👄👁

If Zagereus us ever gets in to smash the kirby would look exactly like that (neutral b suggestions?)

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