Hackers Humiliate Putin Popular Media Vandalized On Russian Vacation

Rachel Maddow studies on hackers defacing Russia’s Television set agenda grid with an antiwar concept, and changing the information on a important Russian information website with antiwar and anti-Putin articles on a day when Vladimir Putin set himself at the center of Russia’s celebration the Planet War II victory in Europe. 
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37 replies on “Hackers Humiliate Putin Popular Media Vandalized On Russian Vacation”

This is a monumental step in cleansing the minds of a brainwashed nation. However, as it has not been reported by any other news program I suspect it might be fake news, If it was real, all news outlets would be reporting it.

It just cracks me up that maddow is reporting this! Her and her ilk are state sponsored media! The hilarity! She could get a job at one of those Russian median outlets! This is truly bizzarro world!

you know that they are going to be tortured or killed by the kremlin, what they did was kind of heroic, but wouldn't surprise my if the kremlin would be going Voldemort style on this

What we do know now is that Russia AND CHina say the democrats (Hillary, Biden, Obama and Soros) are behind the release of COVID, they have all the evidence, so lets wait and see shall we. Finally we will see Barack Hussein in jail

I hope that putin snaps and gives the order to use nuclear weapons, giving his military no other choice than remove him from power or go down with him for good. And i hope it happens soon.

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