Guys, chill out it’s ok

Guys, chill out it’s ok

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Bro there’s literally no negative side effects to weed, it just costs half my paycheck, destroys my memory, attention span, and motivation, and gives me chronic anxiety. it’s impossible to get addicted Bro it’s a natural plant that we bred to be 100x stronger.

you’re probably smoking sus shit if weed doesn’t make you calm Bro gotta get india not saliva. the real drug is coffee man you should watch Joe Rogan. alcohol is poison anyways im gonna go take dabs and drive around.

I only smoke every couple of hours bro to keep the high going throughout the whole year bro, I can’t even remember what it’s like to be sober bro but I’m not addicted I swear bro. I bet you drink alcohol sometimes bro that’s really bad for you bro, smoking weed is way healthier for you bro that’s why I do it everyday bro

As someone who has never done weed, is it really that bad? I have anxiety and depression among other things and have heard some people say it can help a lot with like anxiety but um maybe not exactly depression because it’s not very motivating.

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