Guy places crab to slumber employing a method

Male puts crab to slumber employing a method

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32 replies on “Guy places crab to slumber employing a method”

Bet he smelled his fingers after he was done masturbating that crab.


I wonder how specifics of laws or rules in general work for this kind of video.
For example, I can easily imagine a buffalo counterpart of this video to be severely banned whereas this crab video is acceptable.
Are policies biased towards mamals vs crustaceans?

I hope that when I am being prepped to be consumed by a greater being that this is how they will put me to sleep beforehand.

Ah crab. “Does y’all food need ejaculating before you ate it? That’s what I do. That’s what I’m good at.”

This should become a new military tactic for war. Wank your enemy and they will roll over and become your friend.

Did he just jerk off that crab without asking for consent? Lol that’s a sex crime against an animal

“I am a trained professional”

Where do you get a “professional” title for this? Who gives that out? What zoology Master’s program is there for crustacean molestation?

Study the circulatory system of this species, and you’ll understand that simply turning them upside down causes their circatory system to stop functioning. It has nothing to do with rubbing their belly.

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