Got to see a nuclear convoy for the first time

Got to see a nuclear convoy for the first time

Got to see a nuclear convoy for the first time
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Long story short, I worked at a nuclear reactor for a bit. We were never told when the deliveries would happen. We would just show up to work and there would be snipers on the roof.

Fuckin wild! My grandpa packed worked at Hanford and packed uranium for the bombs we dropped on Japan. He was recruited by the US government to work at a “shoe factory” while working at a grocery store in Mew Mexico. Craaaaazy crazy stuff.

Thats cool as shit. Nothing else to add. I dont think they really worry about side attacks because the best you could do is stop the lead vehicle and then be immediately liquidated by all the support. The load itself i assume is completely fine even if it flips over.

The drivers for those fuel loads are practically locked into their trucks. If they want a snack, etc, they aren’t allowed to stop, and one of the escort vehicles will pass the convoy, hit the exit, grab the snacks, rejoin the convoy, and pass off the goods.

I was honestly like ‘That’s it?’, until he said “you hear the ‘whompwhompwhomp, that’s the gunship”, like OOOOOOooooo yea, they’re not fucking around. Very curious what the truck at :24 is, obviously some kind of high tech jammer/comms/surveillance type of thing, but details would be cool.

Hell yeah, nice sighting. Thanks for recording and posting it. I lived in Cookeville, TN for several years which is right on I-40 between Nashville and Knoxville. Obviously Oak Ridge is very nearby. I would see something like this with relative frequency on that road. Probably just materials rather than warheads, but always a row of black SUV’s in front and back and a semi.

It is always strange, badass, and unnerving at the same time to see the feds doing secret fed shit out in the wild.

Honestly, you’ve probably passed dozens of them before and simply didn’t realize it… Most of the time they transport the warheads completely separate in normal looking box trailers… And they typically don’t have police and military bearcat escorts the entire trip. They will however have escorts, but the escorts will be regular looking heavy duty pickups/vans that are armored to the teeth on the interior.

They also run decoy trucks with escorts as well that each take multiple different paths to the same location.

I was tasked a few times with bringing torpedoes (non-nukes) to a landing zone to replenish a Navy ship. In my Explosives Driving Course in the USMC, we were told we ‘do not stop’ between the ammunition depot and the landing zone.

If a cop tries to pull you over when you are driving off base loaded with explosives, keep driving; the MPs will take care of the civilian police when you get back to base… only about 15 minutes on civilian roads.

I saw a documentary on The Discovery Channel about these decades ago. To be the truck driver, you not only have to have a perfect driving record, but if you get one citation you’re automatically fired is what I recall one guy saying.

In france, I live near the nuclear submarines base. You cant overtake a convoy, they use a little fleet of vehicles to block the highway entrances as it goes by. Once the convoy passed the entrance, the vehicle blocking it goes back to the front of the convoy to block the next one. So it’s basically moving on a temporary empty highway. It quite impressive to see

For those of you who are demanding more video…this is 1 mile before the nuke wagon, just passed the junction of the Colorado split there is still personal getting on the interstate…

In total there was

80 armored vehicles.

3 radio scrambler trucks

3 nuke support trucks

1 sat truck

8 Mlitary police trucks

3 helicopters…you only see 2 because they are flying a figure 8 patern and one is miles up the interstate…

24 Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska state police vehicles

Video 1 ***This video***

Video 2 ***1 mile before nuke truck

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