Gorilla petting a groundhog at my area zoo nowadays

Gorilla petting a groundhog at my area zoo now days/

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They are all things considered very peaceful vegetarians. Just because their built for violence doesn’t make it in their nature with a very select few exceptions.

Ok. How the fuck did a groundhog let a gorilla touch it??!? I can’t imagine it letting a person touch it.

It’s notable that while the groundhog would run away from a human it actually lifts its head for the gorilla to touch. At least that’s how it appears to me.

Is this a ground hog or a prairie dog? Looks more like a prairie dog but at a distance I can’t tell.

So interesting that the groundhog is cool with it but would certainly run if a human did that. Even a child.

Gorillas are so cool, huge enough to rip you apart, but mostly just interested in checking shit out. I’d feel more at ease surrounded by a pack of Gorillas than a single chimp. Orangutans get the pass too.

I remember Mr. Rogers meeting Koko.

I also remember Koko didn’t have a word for “ring”, so she combined two words she DID have and said “finger bracelet”.

Afaik, the capuchin are 3,000 years in, and the bonobos are entering , their Stone Age?

Don’t get me started on Corvids, or elephants.

Already confirmed in another comment but I knew this was the Detroit Zoo right away! What a gem. We renew our membership every year. Well worth it!

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