Gifts Guys Like

The secret to always buying the gifts he ACTUALLY WANTS.

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Leave a comment telling me about your experiences buying gifts for guys, and what you think is a good gift idea.

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If you see this, I dare you to comment “get him women’s underwear”


25 replies on “Gifts Guys Like”

I’m not even a guy and I love all the suggestions in this video. Stuff I wish my partner would get me:
– NBA merch (or other sports merch)
– crypto cold storage wallet
– Nike air Jordan or SB sneakers (no dude hate Nike FR)
– anything to upgrade my computer set up
– electronics to upgrade my computer (this takes a sneaky eye and research though lol)
– fan merch from my alma mater, UCLA (pennants, stuffed animals, etc)
– six pack of my fave beer (Blue Moon pls)

okay so my guy bsf's birthday is coming up in a months i think i'll get him a new hoodie and a funko pop figurine that reminds us of eachother lo, and i'll probably take him to a chinese restaurant or ice skating i don't know lol lol

When I get a gift for a guy I don’t really know, or also girls I don’t really know, it’s usually things everyone can need. Like shampoo or deodorant or sth like that. I know, it’s a bit basic, but I prefer to give something useful to them 🙂

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