Gentleman fatally shot, then dumped in Oakland hills

Oakland police homicide investigators are hoping to establish what took place to a gentleman who was identified fatally shot on Grizzly Peak Boulevard in the hills.

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31 replies on “Gentleman fatally shot, then dumped in Oakland hills”

If people think the police don't have anything to do with the trouble, you are scary. I don't care black people have been selling each other out for years. Sometimes your own family will break your mind, heart and soul.

Oakland, where even the homeless are strapped, only they and the gangster criminals are allowed to carry guns. Meanwhile when dangerous violent criminals in the act of a crime drive thru from other cities, once they get thru the tunnel they are free. Oakland PD what the fuck is wrong with you?

Oakland PD – Ya WE TOUGH, we cops in a tough ass city

Actuality of Oakland PD – We too scared to do our jobs so we just dick around and this is actually an easy job

Just car full of thugged out gangsters with no license plate rolls by, cop looks other way while they go to do their crime.

Is this actually Berkeley PD because they love criminals? How does a police chase going on for quite a while continually go free just by making it thru the damn tunnel

greatest country in the world, they say…

Non Stop Daily Shoo ting, Random Shoo ting, Mass Shoo ting, School Shoo ting, Road Rage Shoo ting, Smash and Grab Looting, Homelessness, Carjacking, they've got it all…

isn't that Pelosi's socialist democrats stronghold , Seems like a SAFE place 😅well for them , peasants walks in unescorted in the city , her security team like cori bush's, should quit , endangering them just like other people 😅 in their state

We must take this to the UC Berkeley Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Commission. Was the killer "included" with their diversity and had enough equity in this crime? They've also found a direct link to Global Warming.

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