Gen Z and millennials are ruining this state! How dare they

Gen Z and millennials are ruining this country! How dare they

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Yes, frame the issue as a choice of workplace preference rather than address low pay, lack of benefits, and workplace safety.

Back in my days we went to work for the companies we used to protest and we liked it.

We made those companies stronger so they had more power in the world and the world was better for it.

Seems to me like Millennials have more principles than their parents.

Than lets purge the elderly boomers and the drooling corporate overlords…. It is for the good of the younger generations 🙂

This has actually made a huge fight between my fiance and his mother. He wants to quit his job because working day shift is killing him (especially because he has to worry about me getting home and I work swing), the culture of the company is absolute shit, and he gets treated like shit by his higher ups and coworkers. His mom looked him dead in the eye and said “I worked a job I was miserable at for 27 years, so you can’t quit your job just because you’re miserable”

Baseless claim that data doesn’t back up. Unemployment would be rising. Purely just to push the narrative that younger adults are somehow lazy.

I’ve been scraping by on my GI bill bah because every “part time” job isn’t flexible at all, just want you to work shitty inconsistent hours

I like how the author just straight up lies, the title says millennials wont work for “a company they dont like” where the study actually says work a “job that makes them unhappy” those are two separate reasons entirely. Sounds like their trying to whitewash this story as a “lazy millennial/gen z” rather than what it actually is: people want to be happy and fulfilled

Isn’t that how the free market is supposed to work. We’ve been told a million times we don’t have to work for or patronize businesses if we don’t like them. Now we’re doing it en masse and we’re the problem?

I don’t make much money or get many hours working at hot topic but I can where what I want it’s not very stressful and I meet people who like the things I like, even if I had a full time job I still can’t afford a place to live by myself anyway.

Back in my day you worked in the coal mines and you breathed all that toxins and you liked it!!!

*cough* *cough* …all my friends are dead now.

We’re not. No one can be jobless the way things are. We’re just not working for under paying, egotistical, out of touch employers.

Super simple concept.

This is a very disingenuous way of portraying what is being discussed in the article and a fundamental misunderstanding of the word disrupt in this context.

From the article: “ ‘Our findings should serve as a wake up call for employers. There’s a clear power shift underway as people rethink priorities,’ “

I saw this same fucking article. At this point it has to be either willful ignorance or malicious. Not a word about low pay or anything to that degree…

TFW you lower wages and increase rent so much that a whole generation quits their jobs and moves back in with their parents

Not speaking from experience at all

Work is going to be different now and so will many other things. Everyone has had to confront their own mortality and also come to terms with the fact that our leadership will not help us and our systems are not made for us. We’re a lot less interested in going to our employer’s cheap ass appreciation events because it’s supposed to somehow help us get ahead, or whatever.

Major media companies are made of rich kids preaching to their rich kid overlords. Funny how the ‘author’ isn’t named, just the financial media company they work for.


Especially when jobs barely pay for anything… so fuck it?

I’m not going to be miserable, broke, AND treated poorly by some dickhead.

It’s almost like they’ve noticed that economic mobility is no longer attainable merely by working hard and making someone else richer.

Oh, no! People put their happiness ahead of a company whose single goal is to make profit regardless of how it affects said people or the society/environment in general! Will somebody please think of the companies!!!


The wealthy elite: “That’s how the free market works. If you don’t like a company, just don’t give them your business.”

Also the wealthy elite: “No, not like that.”

here’s the thing if the job can’t even pay the rent food & medical bills at the place it’s located at is it really the people’s fault for not want to work at said job
do we look like we have no need for more money that we would just work for any job even 8f it’s not sustainable

Most of the articles bashing millennials for choosing to have a bit of happiness with respect to work are written by MAGA types. They’re unhappy about everything. Misery wants company.

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