G7 ‘will hardly ever recognize’ borders transformed by force by Russia

G7 ‘will never recognize’ borders altered by pressure by Russia

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>”We will never recognize borders Russia has attempted to change by military aggression, **and will uphold our engagement in the support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including Crimea, and all states**,” the G7 foreign ministers said in a statement after three days of talks in northern Germany.
>They also vowed to expand sanctions to include sectors on which Russia is dependent and keep supplying Ukraine with weapons to help it repel Russia’s invasion.
>“We reaffirm our determination to further increase economic and political pressure on Russia, continuing to act in unity,” they said.

The ideal outcome would be that Russia isn’t a worldpower anymore after the war.

What is won by force is wrested away by force. More rumours about a coup and cancer on its way for Vlad the Mad, maybe he should have worried about that rather than how many people he could kill.

I dont see why anyone except Russia (and Russian collaborator countries) would.

You cant just kick people out and say “we own this now because the people we put in place here voted on having us own it”
People inhabiting regions of a country cant just decide to have that region be part of another country instead.
None of that makes any sense and im glad the world is finally not putting up with it anymore.

> countries that drew all the world’s borders as violent colonial straight lines “shocked” that another country would try to violently change boarders.

And because this is reddit: This isn’t a pro-Russia comment, it’s an anti-hypocrisy comment

yeah, for now.

i recall the the uproar when russia annexed crimea. and they actually shot down a civilian airliner (and nobody was held responsible.) the world was so disgusted. until it wasn’t.

and then everybody feigned surprise when russia fully invaded ukraine.

we’ll all be disgusted with russia. and then we won’t.

its really just stupid. and its why putin gets away with his bullshit. again.

Its the winner of the battle, that writes history. And putin doesnt understand this. He just wants to be remembered. But nobody will ever remember him for anything good. If we even decide too write him into our history in the first place

But they DO recognize all the other borders drawn up by other powerful nations who invade and take over land by force.

So, in conclusion, who gives a fuck.

I find it quite funny since G7 (except Canada) is pretty much made of countries who took like half the world by force.

That’s fair. But now also do the same with with China when they took control over Mongolia and Tibet and call them out on it. Oh wait. That’s different I suppose.

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