G2 Esports vs. Evil Geniuses / MSI 2022 – Group C / Post-Match Dialogue

###MSI 2022
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###G2 Esports 1- Evil Geniuses
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###MATCH 1: G2 vs. EG
[**Winner: G2 Esports** in 35m](

||Bans 1|Bans 2|[G](#mt-gold)|[K](#mt-kills)|[T](#mt-towers)|D/B|
|**G2**|[Twisted fate](#c-twistedfate) [Zeri](#c-zeri) [Leblanc](#c-leblanc)|[Kaisa](#c-kaisa) [Xayah](#c-xayah)|65.8k|23|7|[H](#mt-herald)^2 [I](#mt-infernal)^4 [I](#mt-infernal)^6 [I](#mt-infernal)^7 [B](#mt-barons)^8 |
|**EG**|[Ahri](#c-ahri) [Lucian](#c-lucian) [Pyke](#c-pyke)|[Galio](#c-galio) [Akali](#c-akali)|62.6k|11|5|[M](#mt-mountain)^1 [HT](#mt-hextech)^3 [H](#mt-herald)^5 [I](#mt-infernal)^9 |

|Broken Blade [Gnar](#c-gnar) ^3|2-3-10|Top rated|1-4-5|^4 [Gangplank](#c-gangplank) Influence|
|Jankos [Wukong](#c-wukong) ^1|4-4-8|JNG|5-2-1|^1 [Lillia](#c-lillia) Influenced|
|caPs [Sylas](#c-sylas) ^3|6-2-5|MID|3-3-2|^2 [Tryndamere](#c-tryndamere) jojopyun|
|Flakked [Ezreal](#c-ezreal) ^2|10–5|BOT|2-5-4|^3 [Tristana](#c-tristana) Danny|
|Targamas [Rakan](#c-rakan) ^2|1-2-9|SUP|-9-8|^1 [Leona](#c-leona) Vulcan|

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44 replies on “G2 Esports vs. Evil Geniuses / MSI 2022 – Group C / Post-Match Dialogue”

Sadly this is long overdue. My friend is one of the referees and said that caPs caused constant trouble every time he showed up. There was apparently an incident where a custodian found caPs arguing with a man in a wheelchair in the bathroom. caPs was adamantly claiming he needed the handicap stall because of how big his balls are and the man in the wheelchair was on the verge of tears and covered in shit. The custodian then kick Jojopyun out of his wheelchair.

EG was ahead in gold for most of the game but it never felt like they’re in control. It kinda felt like the games vs SKT in 2019 (obviously in scale). Quack quack motherfuckers.

im not even a NA fan and vulcan and danny are tilting the fuck out of me i can’t imagine what it feels like for NA fans staying up late to watch THAT

Imagine hearing bedtime stories about Claps, and thinking they are all imaginary, until you see it for yourself at MSI

G2 really just outplays everything EG had to offer

also Impact brought hullbreaker and still loses 1v1 to both caps and BB

inspired in his last 4 games vs G2: 0-4

rge in their last 4 games vs G2: 1-3

Inspired was the problem, the evidence is irrefutable

Flakked is playing really good. Nice to see him as secondary carry in case caPs or BB ints XD

Fun Fact!

Danny is the first non-sub bootcamping MSI pro to hit Challenger on the KR ladder. He did so going 63-21, which translates to a 75% winrate. Impressively, he’s been able to maintain his winrate as his MMR has climbed higher, as he’s now regularly in games with multiple LCK and LPL pros. It will be exciting to see if he can keep this performance up in solo queue and transfer it to the MSI stage!

Caps is craaaaaaaacked holy fuck he’s in form

Hulk breaker gp btw

Also Vulcan and danny are inters

Caps is a god, but holy fuck where did they get Flakked from? Hes a rookie internationaly but pawns this noobs like he was smurfing in silver and on multiple champs as well.

Respect for Targamas man. Caps pulls off the most stupid ass 1v4 dive in the enemy fountain before they even took an inhibitor and Targamas just dives in there with him instead of backing out

A true ride or die homie

How the fuck did EG lose with winning matchups in every role lmao. Caps is just going crazy right now. Insane game from flakked too, frame perfect cleanses every time.

honestly as much as Danny is choking Vulcan is straight up wintrading this was one of the worst support games I’ve seen in my life and he doesn’t even have the international experience excuse

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