Fruitcake tries to censor human rights teams with spiritual privilege.

Fruitcake makes an attempt to censor human legal rights groups with spiritual privilege.

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Reminds me of that daniel pikachu and destiny debate, where daniel said that liberal western societies were oppressive towards muslims because of things like women having a right to claim a divorce themselves, rather than them not being allowed to do that under islam.

Herpes from rabbi lips to infant genitals? Is that really necessary? Why aren’t they stopping metzitzah b’peh?

Circumcision should wait until the person is 18 at least. Like getting a tattoo or joining the army.

Guys I’m scared that if we are forced to stop fucking savagely mutilating our newborn sons genitals, then one day an imaginary boogey man might take away our hats.

Whoever made this is an idiot and and asshole

I hate that I was circumcised. I realize my parents just did what they were taught was correct and were following tradition but I ain’t doing that to my kid if I ever have one. Also I’m Palestinian, it’s not just Jews who do this crap. Faith and peace of mind is nice but when you start chopping people up and killing other races (and desecrating their funerals) you gotta reconsider your religion…

“today you’re banning us from mutilating our kids genitals without their consent, tomorrow you’ll ban our silly little hats!”

I only had daughters but I told my husband that circumcision was off the table if we had a son. Why can’t this be a rite of passage when a man is older? In Christianity confirmation happens around 15, so why can’t circumcision be done when the kid is old enough to choose this as his faith? And do it without pain as well!

What I am bothered by: removing healthy tissue and permanently altering a baby’s body without their consent, and without medical reason

What I am not bothered by: a little cap

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