From several resources it is reported that the cruiser “Moskva” sank.

From numerous sources it is claimed that the cruiser “Moskva” sank.

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Ive just read it on one news portal, it was hit by Ukrainians, ammo storage blow-up, its burning and sinking

Where my dittyboppers at? some one translate please.

Morse code is used a lot around the world Africa/SA/SEA all still use it. It’s one of the true international languages. .

Deep thoughts: so the Ukrainians on Snake Island tell this ship to go fuck themselves and then the Russians say their Ammunition caught fire 🔥, (throw in a John Bulishi Animal House movie shrug of astonishment), and the fucking ship sinks the day after Ukraine issues a Snake 🐍 Island commemorative stamp. Astonishingly Ironic. Do it again please.

Let’s not forget how cold the water is there. If any of these guys survived the explosion and were swimming for safety. Many of them could have died from hypothermia from the cold water.

This is Moskva. Special operation to liberate anti-ship missiles from Ukrainian Nazis successful. All personnel now deployed to secondary objective of liberating sea-life from Nazi Kingdom of Atlantis. Glory to mother Russsblblblblblblblblblblblbblub. End.

Well…looks like they did end up fucking themselves. 🤣

This is supposedly the ship that was told to, “go fuck themseves”

Army guy so forgive me. I have never seen ammo “on fire” like a camp fire. I have seen ammo explode causing secondary explosions which can cause additional explosions. And if I check my notes… that is really bad on a ship. Also just read that it is storming and it’s night there. So what are the chances that majority of crew went down with the ship?

If true, I hope they can someday send someone down to swipe the bronze propellers. Then Ukraine can have them recast as medals of special heroism in the shape of a huge set of testicals, with a scroll underneath reading “Йди нахуй”.

The cessation of morse code could merely be due to the crew abandoning ship. But if they abandon ship, it’s because they can’t fight the fires, and if the fires go unchecked, she will go under, most likely.

Wait what!? This is a huge blow to the Russian navy, this shows Ukraine can go after their ships. Isn’t moscova the one with the missle launchers?

For as many weapons as the US is sending Ukraine, it seems like we should be buying some of these Neptune missiles. They seem to work well, it would help the Ukrainian economy, and it would be 1000x cheaper that having a US company develop one via a cozy cost plus contract with a company in a senator’s home state.

This radio conversation is in Morse Code between two Radio Amateurs, SM6EIG IN Sweden and DJ0YZ in Germany. It occurred in the bottom end of the 80 meter “ham” band. They exchanged callsigns and signal reports during WRTC, the World Radiosport Team Championship held every 4 years. This recording has nothing to do with the alleged sinking of ship Moscva and is a complete artifact. I’m an amateur radio operator and “speak” Morse Code fluently at 40 words per minute.

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