Forgot to plan? Ran out of room? Just stack some constructors!

Forgot to plan? Ran out of room? Just stack some constructors!

Forgot to plan? Ran out of room? Just stack some constructors!
by u/antonidas-25 in SatisfactoryGame

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Phase 4 goes much faster when you’re placing 4 constructors at a time. Here’s 180 iron ingots to rods, but you can stack as high as you want. This setup works for any constructor step with <780 per min input/output items. Super useful for simple, low-footprint factories.

Yeah that’s definitely the plan. Ngl I just never bothered with the blueprint maker but it easily could have saved me 1h of building on just my HMF factory alone.

I can’t even fathom how much time save a few general blueprints would have given me *shudders*

Edit: lmao I’m on mobile and meant to reply to your comment.

That’s actually a really good idea. I was annoyed with satisfactory + buildings which have really weird outputs sometimes, and I wasn’t seeing how I could manage them efficiently in an horizontal plane. Doing them like that is probably the solution.

I’ve been using blueprints in a similar way, but always as a vertical pair with the through wall cable connections already wired and vertical conveyors already connected in the blueprints. I stack them as high as I need, then connect the bottom cable a a cable between pairs, vertical conveyors between pairs and I’m done.

I also change the color in the blueprint designer and save it as a different name so I have different colored mini skyscrapers.

Building high also helps finding my remote factories after I’ve been away a while, I can see them in the distance.

I tried stacking pairs awhile ago, but the input flow got really unbalanced the higher i went. How did you solve that? I noticed you are using mk5 conveyors, but I only had mk3 at the time, recently updated to mk4

This is my favorite thing to do once I have blueprints unlocked. I’ll build them for general manufacturing (putting out all the basic components) and then build specialized ones like this where a whole node is used for one component, really makes new late game factories easier.

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