FOCUS ON YOUR DREAM – Motivational Speech ft. Les Brown

FOCUS ON YOUR DREAM – Motivational Speech ft. Les Brown
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In the realm of dreams, where possibilities soar,
Lies a path of greatness, forever to explore.
With eyes filled with fire, and heart full of gleam,
Embrace the calling, focus on your dream.

Let go of doubt, let go of fear,
For within your soul, strength will appear.
Unleash your passion, let it ignite,
As you journey forward, towards the light.

The road may be tough, obstacles may arise,
But remember, within you, resilience lies.
Keep your vision clear, unwavering and bright,
As you chase your dreams, day and night.

Believe in yourself, trust in your might,
You have the power to make things right.
Stay committed, determined, never lose steam,
For your dreams are worth it, focus on your dream.

Embrace the challenges, they make you grow,
With every step forward, let your courage show.
Rise above limitations, defy gravity’s pull,
As you pursue your dream, with heart and soul.

Surround yourself with those who inspire,
Supportive souls who lift you higher.
Share your dreams, let them be seen,
For in shared dreams, lies a powerful team.

Through setbacks and failures, you’ll learn and evolve,
Your dream’s foundation will steadily evolve.
Stay true to your purpose, never lose sight,
And the world will witness your shining light.

So, my friend, keep the fire burning within,
Let nothing deter you, let the journey begin.
With unwavering focus, you’ll bridge the seam,
And step into the realm of your cherished dream.

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