Finland and Sweden have submitted their NATO purposes

Finland and Sweden have submitted their NATO programs

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> Finland and Sweden submitted their NATO applications today to the NATO Headquarters in Brussels at 9am today, Wednesday 18th of May.

The ambassador of Finland accredited to NATO Mr. Klaus Korhonen took Finland’s application to the NATO headquarters by foot. Sweden’s application was submitted by the ambassador of Sweden accredited to NATO Mr. Axel Wernhoff.

Why would NATO continue expanding East when Russia has been nothing but reasonable, limiting its nuclear threats to one a day

It’s been a fucking long edging session but I just finished all over myself. Well done Sweden and Finland.

*HoI4 join faction sound*

Finland 🇫🇮 has joined NATO

Sweden 🇸🇪 has joined NATO

We stand together

Nato membership looks like a political card Finland and Sweden kept in their back pocket for a situation just like this one.

Our continent just got more secure. The process now is bureaucratic/diplomatic but as they were already partners for peace and are covered by interim pacts with major NATO military powers they are for all intents and purposes article five countries now.

All across the Baltic and north of Belarus, Russia faces a united front of interoperable mutually supporting advanced militaries that steadily extend the gap between their own and Russia’s military.

Next stop Kiev, once they have expelled the occupier and secured their territory they can come into the fold and be protected too.

So what putins war really achived is:
A. arm Ukraine and push it even more towards the west.
B. dissarm Russia and show the whole world how weak it realy is and how bad its realy armed.
C. expand NATO even more and basically double the NATO/Russian boarder.
Good job, everything NATO wanted to do, but didnt know how to do it.

As a Swiss, I’m happy that there’s a military alliance of good nations who are aligned culturally and societally with us all around us.

Wouldn’t want us to join cause there’s really no purpose, there’s plenty of cooperation already, and having a neutral ground is always important for diplomacy and humanitarian issues.

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